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[1] Tell me what you think...

[2] How do you like my Fantasy team

[3] What do you guys think?

[4] Possibly best team ever

[5] Any Open Spots

[6] How do you like my Fantasy team

[7] alrite guys, here's my team for you to pick apart

[8] Fantasy Defense by Committe.

[9] Check my team out! i think its great!

Draft Pick Trade

I need help with deciding on a trade

Just wanted to share a laugh....ESPN Bucs Fantasy Preview

Help Needed on my draft?

The question of the day -- Keep Favre?

Just finished my draft....

found a great website for FF... if you need a list of players for your draft.

Pick Peyton Manning?

Survival football league for Pewter Report

Here is my team.............

How does my team look?


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