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[1] Charlie Casserly

[2] Breaking: Talib Addresses Drug Use

[3] Looking to tomorrow?

[4] C- so far...

[5] The biggest reach of day one?

[6] Is the Taylor trade dead now?

[7] so what picks are left?

[8] McCown is THE GUY

[9] DT or RB in the 3rd

Could the Redskins be a trade partner?

Did anyone else think Matt Jones was part of the trade?

I'd like to see them take Jamaal Charles in the 3rd

Great Value at number 20?

Patriots wanted D-Jax

Lots of WR available in the 2nd round.

Maybe no Tiger Woods FA's, but we still have the draft....

Speed Kills!

Now we have to take Brohm....

I knew I was going to get ticked off today....

what did we get for the trade


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