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[1] This weeks mock 2/13

[2] Calvin Johnson a once in a lifetime receiver?

[3] NEW NFLDC Mock-2/15

[4] The Ravens Might Not Have The Cap Room To Sign LB Adalius Thomas

[5] What happend?

[6] The Bengals Named Justin Smith Franchise Player

[7] Calvin Johnson Video Interview From NFL Network

[8] Bengals | Team likely to place franchise tag on J. Smith

[9] How about Chas Gessner?

Bill Cowher Returns To The NFL

Chiefs DE Jared Allen Sentenced To Jail In Second DUI Case

safer choice johnson or thomas

Any Chance?

Possible trade: Rice for Bly?

Dream Draft scenario.

Nate Clements

I hoped I wasn't the only one that noticed this...

Knock on Gruden...Ouch!

We've kicked the 1st round horse too much...has anyone thought about this?

Java-Do you have anymore info on this??


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