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[1] OFFICIAL Sig Pics Thread. Board artists encouraged to join in.

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[3] 2014 Tampa Bay Rays

[4] Opting out of Obamacare is the best financial decison I have made

[5] The Putrid Crap You're Eating

[6] The Brownshirts

[7] Rays Joel Peralta fears he has Chikungunya

[8] Lebron back to Cleveland

[9] Breaking Bad

What is the One Truth

Not really funny

Global warming alarmists?

Seal of the United Sates explained thoroughly

wierd al does "royal" as "foil". hilarious

Barack Obama is a piece of **CENSORED** !

Things to do in Tampa

Man burns down house trying to kill a spider with a lighter and spray paint can

Late May Music Thread

How do you make water? Is there a finite quantity?

Spit Could Really Hit The Fan in the Ukraine....


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