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[1] Game Day, USF -vs- Rutgers !!!!!!

[2] BCS is out

[3] Could USF be #3 tomorrow?

[4] USF... OVER RATED!!!!!

[5] Could USF lose TWO more times?

[6] Well BCS system is safe...

[7] USF at Rutgers

[8] Here's to Gators over running Kentucky

[9] In all seriousness... (usf students)

The state of officiating this year...

College Football Needs A Fix....

USF on the SI Cover...Sort Of...

did i hear that correctly?

Overrated vs. Underrated 2000 - 2006

Big East Officiating

Season Headed For Familiar Ending

Upcoming home USF games.....

USF pics!

USF gets Robbed and Mugged

Top 10 Remaining schedule


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