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Gradkowski V Leinart

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Passing Yards
G: 429 - L: 529

Pass %
G: 58 - L: 60

G: 81 - L: 86

G: 4/1 - L: 4/2

G: 1 - L: 2

G: 83.8 - L: 84.4

G: 10/38 - L: 2/-3

Rushing 1st Downs
G: 3 - L: 0

Leinart looked more polished especially against that Bears D. But when it mattered the most, Gradkowski delivered, and that s all I ask from him right now.

owski V Leinart  ???

Not even close, Leinart is much more polished IMO.  Maybe in two or three years we can say Grads is better than Leinart for Gruden's offense.

Street Smarts versus Urban Cool...Mmmmm.  Give Street Smarts one year and then he'll be cool too...But Leinart is very impressive now.  L may be tough but I think Grads will go for a nice way, of course.  LOL

My daughter has a giant poster of Matt Leinart in her room (not for football abilities), so I am just going to say Gradkowski because I'm tired of hearing about and seeing Leinart.  ;) ;D

Honestly though, I think Leinart will develop into a 'franchise' quarterback long before Gradkowski ever would, but the 6th rounder is proving he should have been bumped up a few rounds.


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