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#15 : January 07, 2010, 08:44:44 AM

If you think for a min...

Our ownership... No spending. So, IF we get Cow, we probably won't be very active in FA. I don't care what people say about "Cow won't come here without full-control." G-Boys would owe 3 coaches this next year if they did. " Besides, the OWNERS control all, not him. So, If you would like to get PLAYERS this offseason, you probably don't want Cow here this season. They might want to wait a season before spending big-money in FA/draft if they do obtain him.

Of course, I believe Gruden/Shanny/or Cow could have taken this same team and made them into playoff contenders. So really, it's just about getting Rah out of here and giving the players a real chance at winning. The players were confused half the season, so yes, they could've at least competed for PO (before anyone even starts in).

A real HC has players prepared BEFORE the games..... Yes! firing a OC ten days before a starting-season-game, and a DC halfway though the season is NOT being prepared guys! 

Hang on to those three wins Radiolovers... ::)

#16 : January 07, 2010, 08:55:54 AM

Breaking:  BUC Fans still making useless threads about Cowher.

Breaking:  Cowher is walking his dog this morning - AGAIN!

Breaking:  Favre considers retirement after this season.


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#17 : January 08, 2010, 07:12:59 AM

Looks like the 2010 season is almost being treated as a throw-away season - still rebuilding, still letting Raheem learn his job, still hiring coordinators and drafting a ton of players, Freeman's first full season (and still learning/developing).  The possible lockout after 2010 and Gruden's contract seem to be the reasons why the Bucs aren't making any big changes.  Maybe we can squeak out 5-8 wins next year with what looks to be a much easier schedule.

Save your $$$$ on tickets and wait until 2011 and the lockout issue/coaching issue/player development is over.

Not much to be excited about until after 2011.
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