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USC Rules:

--- Quote from: dpc1192 on October 24, 2007, 06:46:44 PM ---Who do you believe is truthfully the best team in the NCAA..

Not the team with the least amount of losses, but the BEST team

--- End quote ---

As much as I'd like to take USC, I say by week 12 UF.

If that team keeps progressing and growing, specifically on defense, they will be the best team by week 12.  They really should have beaten LSU, in LSU, with a team chock full of freshmen and sophs.  If they can pull it together and win out, face LSU again in the Sec title game, that team should have enough experience to finish LSU off next time. 

John Galt?:
I could see a situation where a 2 loss team (UF, or LSU if they lose another, or others) could climb back up and threaten to take the #2 spot.
If UF won out and beat LSU on a neutral field and OSU, the Virginia teams, BC, and Oregon all drop 1,  UF could leapfrog a few teams on ''name recognition'' and SOS.
If UMich wins out, strange thing could also happen. 

Could a 2 loss team make the big game?

USF wins out and they're back in it


--- Quote from: dpc1192 on October 24, 2007, 04:04:14 PM ---USF wins out and they're back in it

--- End quote ---

I doubt that, but hey let's win out and see where the chips fall.

It will be West Virginia vs Oregon

Final score: WVU 134 - Oregon 115 in an offensive shootout.


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