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Me-Shawn takes a shot at Rice

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Boid Fink:
Rice has at least shown up for some games and been a difference maker.

That is all I got to say about that.

And "How about them Mets?"



First it was Michael Strahan. Now Keyshawn Johnson is calling out Simeon Rice.

Johnson proclaimed his Carolina teammate Julius Peppers the most complete defense end he’s ever seen in his 11-year career, while at the same time admonishing his former Tampa Bay teammate. Peppers leads the league with eight sacks, while Rice has just one through five games.

“All Simeon Rice does is rush the passer; that’s it,” Johnson told a group of reporters in Charlotte on Wednesday. “If he doesn’t get to the quarterback, you can forget it. He ain’t making any other plays.”

Earlier this season, Strahan said Rice only cared about rushing the passer and doesn’t play everything and therefore doesn’t have the respect of other defensive ends in the league.

Sounds like he doesn’t have Keyshawn’s respect either.

I agree with Keyshawn..

Peppers is Much better then Rice.

I'm appauled as a black man

what a freakin cry baby ... I don't know many that have respect for Me-shawn.  And who cares what mr.* has to say anymore.


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