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#30 : March 26, 2010, 03:23:19 PM

You mean they haven't signed him to a long term deal?  I mean supposedly we were saving our $$$ to resign our own players.   Glazers couln't have mislead the fans could they?


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#31 : March 26, 2010, 03:40:03 PM

The Bucs aren't cheap.

Ruud was drafted in 2005 and just played his 5th season. Because there is no salary cap anymore, he is a restricted free agent and not unrestricted, meaning the Bucs have no reason whatsoever to extend his contract when they can keep him for 3 million dollars in 2010. Ruud has no leverage at all in this situation, and he is one of 180+ free agents dealing with this right now. If there was still a salary cap, I think we would see Ruud get his extension some time last offseason.

Well the reason to re-sign him now is because it's cheaper. When players have years remaining on their contract they're willing to take less money than market value. If they have questions about Penn and Ruud's ability that's one thing. But they should really be re-signing some of them, Joseph atleast.



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#32 : January 17, 2011, 12:30:56 PM

I like how most on here stated how good Ruud was prior to this past season.  Ruud is a good player, it's RAW MORRIS that made him average last year.


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#33 : January 17, 2011, 03:19:52 PM

Here is my argument for bring Ruud back with a long term deal.

1. He gets money equivalent to the a #10-12 MLB in the league
2. He is very smart and leads our defense like Free does on offense
3. He is good in our Cover 2 defense and in pass protection
4. For the 2 games when we had Grimm playing well and McCoy playing well, no one was talking about Ruud anymore. Coincidence?????

They guy isn't a thumper, i get it. But in a leauge that is becoming more and more pass happy with increasingly complex offenses and not to mention we'll be playing against Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and a 1st overall QB next year I think a smart MLB who is a bit suspect on the iso runs is ok with me.

I'm telling you people....Grimm healthy, McCoy healthy, Price healthy, Black healthy and a big time DE and this conversation about Ruud being to soft is totally moot.

Keep Ruud if he is willing to take an appropriate salary. If not we are forced to move on.

Lets fix our current holes before we make new ones!

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