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Brackins school makes headlines

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Very good article.  I didn't expect that from the Trib.  

It's very misleading...Shockey went to Miami, Chris Brown went to Colorado. Those are two off the top of my head that I can name who did not just go to a JUCO school. They are in total different situations than Brackins coming straight from JUCO.

what ... some of those played in Juco yes, but they didn't come to the NFL from there.  Kinda misleading

Uncle Stan:
Here is a front page story from The Tampa Trib today.

9 name players came from a school like this-3 are on the Bucs.

Well worth reading, IMO

What happened to Brackins?


Active NFL players from JUCO. Never thought about it,
but imagine the talent that's overlooked by the NFL, just because they're JUCO players. or not.

The following is a list of some of the prominent players in the NFL who played football at a junior college:

Name Community college State NFL team Position
Juran Bolden- Delta Community College Miss. Tampa Bay CB
Deion Branch- Jones County Junior College Miss.  Seattle  WR
Chris Brown-  Fort Scott Community College Kan.  Tennessee  RB
Troy Brown- Lee-McRae College N.C. New England WR
Matt Bryant- Trinity Valley Community College Texas Tampa Bay K
Joe Horn- Itawamba Community College Miss. New Orleans WR
Tim (ratboy) Rattay-  Scottsdale Community College Ariz.  Tampa Bay  QB
Jeremy Shockey- Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Okla. N.Y. Giants TE
Duce Staley- Itawamba Community College Miss. Pittsburgh RB


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