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Rocket's Week 7 Game Picks


Week 7      

Pittsburgh     at    Atlanta - Pittsburgh    

Detroit     at    N.Y. Jets - N.Y. Jets    

Denver     at    Cleveland - Denver    

New England     at    Buffalo -New England    

Carolina     at    Cincinnati -Carolina    

Philadelphia     at    Tampa Bay - Philadelphia

Jacksonville     at    Houston - Jacksonville    

Green Bay     at    Miami - Green Bay   

Arizona     at    Oakland - Arizona    

Minnesota     at    Seattle -Minnesota    

Washington     at    Indianapolis -Washington    

San Diego     at    Kansas City - San Diego    

Monday Night Football

N.Y. Giants    at    Dallas- N.Y. Giants ( Upset )

I like most of those.  I'd take Cincy (they are a good team with two straight losses), Miami and Indy, though.

I want to take the Bucs...but I don't want to homerize them.  JINX!  ;)


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