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Boid Fink:
If the Bucs are "unfortunate" enough to land a top 3 pick, I wonder who it would be?

Or what they would do with the pick?  Trade down?

Too much speculation at this point.  The Bucs have needs, but they won't know what they are completely till the end of the season.  Till then, they play hard, they die hard.


--- Quote from: chevy boy on October 19, 2006, 11:33:57 PM ---If we make some big moves on D through FA, our first pick will be on the O-Line...

--- End quote ---

If it's Joe Thomas, then I woudn't have a problem with that.


--- Quote from: WildBuc24 on October 19, 2006, 11:00:37 PM ---I know we have several needs to fill, but I dont think that the D should be ignored in the draft this next year. I will be highly pissed if our first pick is not on the defensive side of the football. Our aging D cant hold up another year without some youth injected and the best way to do this is the draft.

--- End quote ---
If we make some big moves on D through FA, our first pick will be on the O-Line...


--- Quote from: DanTurksGhost on October 19, 2006, 10:49:00 PM ---Gruden WILL have a young QB to develop, one way or another, because he ALWAYS has a young QB to develop.

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True, but most likely he won't spend a day 1 pick to get him. As Gruden has said before, he likes building up QB's and try to do what Holmgren does, get draft picks for them. With something like 25 mil under the cap and maybe even 30 under the cap if Rice is traded/released, the team maybe able to shore up the major holes in the D during FA. There are two elite players that could possibly hit the market in Briggs and Freeney. If the Bucs could hit on one of them, it would allow the FO to have some freedom during the draft. If not, there are some nice prospects in the upcoming draft. Moses or Adams at DE are two that come to mind that would be nice

There has been a lot of talk about what free agents the Bucs should bring in and who they should draft, but I'd like to make a couple of points that should be considered.

First, the Bucs will have a lot of cap room this year, but so will a lot of other teams. The cap will have went up over 30% in a 2 year span, so the free agent contracts this year are going to be astronomical. If Freeney and Clements finish the year strong and get to market, I would not be surprised to see them both end up with contract numbers that until now only QB's have seen. I'm talking Peyton Manning like money. I'd love to see Freeney in a Bucs uniform, but not at that price.

The free agent stud I'd see the Bucs most likely to get would be Lance Briggs. I am sure Chicago may do their best to keep him, but I get the impression that like Hutchinson with Walter Jones last year, Briggs would like to get out of the shadow of Urlacher. Briggs would be expensive, but the fact that he is best as a Cover 2 backer may drive down his value some. Something you have to consider though, is that if Briggs comes here that means the end of one Mr. Derrick Brooks' career as a Buc.

In the draft something I think you have to take into consideration is what Jon Gruden in his book calls the 4 most important positions in football to have a stud at. QB, DE, OT, and CB in that order. I think he is happy with Grads, but if Grads bombs I would not be surprised to see him go QB. I think the most likely options are DE or OT in round 1 because there are some really good ones this year at both positions. Yes, I like Davis too, but we have no depth at Tackle, and as much as I like Davis we could use a better athlete there.


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