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Second String

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#15 : November 01, 2006, 04:03:40 PM

We will be a lot more active than that in free agency which is a good thing...Teams like the Patriots, Minnesota and Denver(We did the year before we won the Super Bowl) have used free agency very well and so I think you might see more than just a back-up quarterback and one lineman...

I know that the list of UFA's seem pretty slim right now but it won't be.  Remember, because of the cap and the wish to acquire other players, teams release a lot of surprisingly good players at the end of the season...Because of the way contracts are often structured, lots of teams will be forced to or feel it necessary to release some pretty good talent...

There is no way to know our draft strategy until the free agent period is over... Looking at the past couple of years I feel pretty good that this FO will not only bring in some very good players but also write up good contracts that won't leave us salary cap strapped years later...

Buidling through the draft is great but it needs to be complimented by solid free agent signings...players who have already proven themselves in this league.

I am curious about the DT from Ohio State...I love Landry...but Weddle would be fine...I have never seen Leonard play...what do you  guys know about him?


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#16 : November 01, 2006, 04:12:48 PM

Lance Briggs won't help... we don't have a Brian Urlacher... teams run away from Urlacher and into Brigg's arms... Am I seriously the only one that sees that? That is exactly how this defense is designed... to push the runner out wide... paticularly to the weakside. At that point, Briggs gets tons of funnell shots... watch the Bears games... he gets tons of easy tackles because the ball carrier goes right into his arms... We need a linebacker that can really disrupt an offense, much like Derrick Brooks use to. I hate to say it, D.Brooks is only an above average linebacker of late, as is Lance Briggs. Briggs benefits from the system, and supporting cast. Unfortunately, Brooks is our best linebacker, but he's not playing the way he use to.

So basically Briggs is guilty of playing our defense the way it was designed to be played?  Our defense has always been designed to funnel plays to Brooks as well.  I don't see the difference except that Briggs is a lot younger.


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#17 : November 01, 2006, 04:36:08 PM

I thought the DT from OSU was more of a nose tackle.
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