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#30 : May 05, 2010, 10:45:45 AM

Who said anything about "immediately"? I didn't, and don't. Experience isn't going to improve our veterans. They're as good as they're ever going to get (mediocre). The rooks have a much higher ceiling. They need experience to improve, and they will. Let them learn now when very few expect much out of this team. The Glazers aren't going to fire anybody if the team shows progress, and the team is not going to show any progress with the veteran receivers. The future of this team lies in the hands of the receivers acquired in the last 15 months. We are fortunate that Freeman has 9 games of experience. He now needs to develop a chemistry with his most talented weapons, in the games.

i said immediately, just about in every post.  this thread is about preston parker being on the active roster, which we know would be in addition to benn, williams, ans stroughter.  

how many WR's do you expect to keep on the active roster?  because the 4 mentioned above would basically be 4 rookies, playing with a very green QB.

most expect around a .500 season.  at least i do.  now what is the best way to get there?  i dont think the answer should be set yet before the pads come on.  if the rookies show they know the offense and can play at the level of the vets, then go with the rookies.  but i dont believe we should play the rookies no matter what, just because we think they have more potential.  take the case of antonio bryant.  he was mediocre for much of his career before coming to tampa, wasnt he?  maybe he was a vet that  just needed the right situation.

id rather play a WR that will be in the right place at the right time...rather than a name with potential.  if the rookies prove they are better, start them.  if the rookies are ready, play them.  but if they arent ready, lets not play them just because they have better measurables.

We disagree and your definition of mediocre is not the same as mine. Bryant's issues were off the field and he is gone. He had one great year with the Bucs because he was the only WR with exceptional skills and talent. He was never mediocre. The only players with exceptional skills and talent are the rookies. Brown could possibly surprise everyone, but Stovall won't and Clayton is as good as gone. Winslow had to carry the load with Bryant slowed by injury. He won't get as many opportunities with Williams, Benn, and Sammie more involved. These young guys have to step up for some OJT. I believe Parker will make the final roster, but unless someone gets hurt, I'm not sure how involved he will be.

If the Bucs are going to get great sooner, they have to go with the talent over experience.

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#31 : May 05, 2010, 06:28:18 PM

Benn, Williams, and Stroughter are locks. Brown is likely a lock. We will likely carry two more WRs that aren't always active on Sundays and are more for depth. Those two guys will likely be Stovall and Bradley, but it wouldn't be a huge shocker if Parker replaced one of those two.

Stovall has special teams talent as a gunner, and we lost Brian Clark who was another special teamer. If anyone is to be challenged by Parker it would probably be Bradley.
Yeah I think Stovall is a lock more so than Brown, but they both will be on the team. It will probably come down to who is the better special teams player of Parker and Bradley.

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