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Yakuza Rich


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: June 23, 2010, 07:48:32 PM

Take a drink (anybody and everybody) whenever:

- Steve Duemig blindly defends one of Clear Channel's corporate partners (Rays, Buccaneers, Lightning) even though all his callers disagree with him.

- Chug if J.P. Peterson goes more than five minutes without saying "Yes Sir" in a fake Minnesota accent.

-  Tap a keg if his producers/co-hosts ever grow a set and no-sell the "yes sir" and call him out on how irritating it is.

-  J.P. spends more time ranting about politics or pop culture instead of talking about sports, which is what he's paid to talk about.

-  The Fabulous Sports Babe complains about an intern or Roller Girl not doing anything or asking if they have to take a break.

-  1010 rents out airtime to some loser with too much cash (XFC, Spike on the Mic, that hunting show).

-  Ron Diaz criticizes Islam without acknowledging the fact that Christianity has some b*t**CENSORED** insane rules of their own (People who work on the Sabbath must be stoned to death, women who touch the genitals of another man must have their hands cut off, men are forbidden from sitting in chairs that menstruating women have sat in, etc.)

-  Ron and Ian spend more time talking about non-sports topics instead of breaking down the previous night’s game (like they’re paid to do).

-  Duemig claims that there are only “five or six people” operating under a dozen different screen names making all the posts on the St. Pete Times website, and that they’re all bitter about not being sports reporters themselves.

-  Jack Harris refers to the Storm as the Buccaneers and vice versa.

-  Jack Harris takes subtle cheap shots at local liberals during the pre-game show.

-  Duemig does a politically oriented show whenever it looks like Conservatives will dominate an election.

-  Tap a keg if Duemig does a political show during an election night when it looks like Liberals will dominate (hint: he skipped doing political shows in ‘06 and ‘08).

-  J.P. criticizes the Bucs front office and then Scott Reynolds spends the entire rest of the show defending Mark Dominik and Radio Morris to ensure that Pewter Report’s relationship with the front office remains intact.

-  Tap a keg if J.P. Peterson ever scores anything higher than a 0.0 in the Arbitron ratings (he never has).

-  Tap a keg if 620 ever permanently moves Lightning, Bucs, and Rays games back to 1250 so that us out-of-town fans who live in Temple Terrace, where neither 1010 or 1040 broadcast at night, can get out of market scores instead of having to listen to Bucs, Lightning, or Rays games that we don’t have much interest in.

-  Everytime Duemig talks about soccer instead of focusing on Bucs, Rays, Lightning, and Magic.

-  If anyone in this market ever spends  more than a second talking about the Florida Everblades, a local hockey team that actually wins on a consistent basis unlike the idiot Lightning.


Pro Bowler
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#1 : June 23, 2010, 09:50:46 PM

So Nancy "The fab Sports Babe" is back????  I am in SW Florida where I get Sileo, Ron/Ian, Romey and Duimig.....  I liked her show back in the day when she was opposed to Rome, is she on 1010?  Here in Lee County I only get 620, not 1010..... 

SarasotaBuc Fan

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#2 : June 23, 2010, 10:01:28 PM

on 1040 the sports babe.  i do the best impression of her in real life..

god she sucks so much.  i cant stand lisnteing to her for more than 5 seconds.


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#3 : June 24, 2010, 05:11:11 PM

If anyone really plays that game they'll be dead from alcohol poisoning within 10 days. Maybe less.

Quit beefing about the past and start hoping for the future
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