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--- Quote from: BucsGuru on October 19, 2007, 06:24:16 PM ---The reality of all this is that until the fans start making their voices heard on Sundays and during Bowl Month, it will never end.
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Nah, people have been complaining for years about the system. And what will we be watching in January? Not a playoff.....

It's just not going to happen right now. I wouldn't be so opposed to it, but it doesn't solve every problem. If you've got an 4 or even 8 team playoff and a team like Hawaii this season were to go undefeated, people STILL complain. You're not going to please everybody with any system, as college basketball shows.

USC Rules:
There are still 5-6 and even 7  games left to be played for most teams. Let's see how it all plays out.  I do agree there should be a playoff, but people getting overly worked up and excited over rankings halfway through the season need a reality check.  Say hypothetically USF loses 2-3  more games, then what?  Will you still hold that they are among the best 16 teams?  I mean, let's get real here.  Same goes for USC, UF, OSU, etc.  This is why there needs to be a playoff and at the very least there should be no polls until November.  OSU is #1 right now by default....they may very well be #1 when all is said and done but really, they haven't played anyone.  They could easily lose 3 games and then what?  My question is, if USF loses 3 games by seasons end, can you still hang your hat on being ranked #2 week 6?  Or do you chalk it up to early polls and fortunate losses early by better teams causing USF to default at #2 for a week?  Same for USC.  If we lose anoteh rgame or 2 by seasons end, I won't be tooting my horn saying how we were #1 for several weeks. 

This is why deciding your champ by polls is ridiculous.  It is quite possible the best team by week 12 could be a team with 2 or even 3 losses, which has no chance to prove it.  This is why every other sport has a playoff system.  Team sports are about growth and adjustments.  It's not about who is better week 6 but who is the best by seasons end.  In CFB you don't always get that.  This is why we have NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, March Madness, 3 rounds of baseball playoffs, 4 rounds of hockey, DII playoffs, DIII, etc.  How many times has a Super Bowl champ had 0 losses?  How many times have they had 3 or more?  Long gone are the days of CFB where there were no scholarship limits and very few dominant teams.  Parity in CFB is like never before.  With limits now and players leaving early for NFL or transferring there are no longer many easy games.  Virtually any team can beat any other at any time, and we have seen that this year. 

It will turn out with a few teams thinking they deserved the right to play for the championship, like it always does. 

yes, we should unite and turn off our tv's on saturdays!  quit buying tickets to see our schools play!  stop purchasing products supported by the major bowls and conferences!  Unite we shall! 

lets just do it next year, because im kinda interested to see how it all turns out this year.

Specifically, Division I College Football.  How can anyone in the world think a playoff system is not needed is truly beyond me.  I know, we have heard this a zillion times, and here's a zillion and one.  Tell me that USF doesn't belong in the top 16 teams in the country and I will tell you that you're wrong.  Tell me that Kentucky doesn't deserve to be recognized with LSU, USC, and OU as a respectable one-loss team deserving of a chance to play for the national championship.  Yet LSU is ranked higher than Kentucky, which just beat them. 
College football chamionships as of now is like buying a new car with retreads; you aren't getting what you paid for. 
I for one am sick of the media, alumni, computers, and God knows what else deciding who the national champions should be.  It taints the championship and each year truly shows the greed of University programs that refuse to allow for common sense to be exercised.
The reality of all this is that until the fans start making their voices heard on Sundays and during Bowl Month, it will never end.  Thank God for professional football.


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