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#60 : November 18, 2010, 04:04:10 PM

I didn't say Spikes was starting because Guyton was injured. I said Spikes got the opportunity to play there exclusively in the preseason because of Guytons injury. Stop trying to argue points I'm not making in an effort to make yourself look smarter. 

No, that's not what you said - even though that might be what you are turning it into.  This is what you said:

Is that why the Patriots initially tried him out on the outside? He was moved inside because of an injury to Gary Guyton.

Guyton's injury happened during the first week of TC.  Spikes had already been competing with him prior to the injury.

While many have speculated Spikes was scouted to replace Ruud, it was nothing more that just speculation. It's just as likely that Spikes was being scouted to replace Black or Hayes as it was that he was being scouted to replace Ruud.

You're making a big deal about Belichick getting Mayo, Guyton, and Spikes on the field at the same time during TC to take a look at different personnel packages.  You are taking that evidence that Spikes would have been looked at by the Bucs as an OLB., and all the talk about taking Spikes was "speculation" had nothing to do with Ruud.  It's pretty deep denial.

Keep in mind that we have repeatedly reported that the Bucs were very interested in drafting Brandon Spikes and were scouting MLBs hard this year. They have also added Tyrone MacKenzie to the practice squad, which I think is a great sign as long as he is healthy. I have also gotten wind that the Bucs are looking at LBs hard again in this year's draft, too.

The Bucs definitely are giving a hard look at the middle linebacker position. That started last offseason. The organization was extremely high on linebacker Brandon Spikes but couldn't use a second-round pick on a middle linebacker considering the needs elsewhere on the roster. The team continues to look at college middle linebackers and future free agent linebackers.

Now, you can continue to ignore the guys with sources at OBP and all of the scouting reports regarding Spikes being an ILB if you like (and I'm fairly certain you will) but that isn't going to change the notion that this is probably Ruud's last year in a Buccaneer uniform - Spikes or no Spikes.  Sorry.

Of course the Bucs are looking at MLB's, because this may be Ruud's last season in a Bucs uniform. He may want to be paid more than the organization feels he is worth. A backup plan is an absolute must. But if the Bucs were so incredibly dissatisfied with how Ruud has been playing, why was the only move made to address it to scout Brandon Spikes? They were dissatisfied with Zuttah, so they signed Keydrick Vincent. They were dissatisfied with Piscitelli, so they signed Sean Jones. It's not as though they didn't know what they had in Ruud. It's not as though they had a list of candidates they were targeting in the draft at MLB, and it's not as though there were no other viable MLB's left after Spikes was drafted. Donald Butler and Darryl Sharpton were still on the board after Myron Lewis was selected. Why nothing else done at MLB? Could it be that the Bucs looking for a MLB has more to do with looking for a contingency plan should he leave, and not because they feel they cannot execute the defense with him in it?

Getting back on topic, I did not create this topic to say that Ruud is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Does Ruud have flaws? Definitely. Are there more complete MLB's in the league that I would like to see in a Bucs uniform other than Ruud? Absolutely.

The purpose of this thread, however, was to point out that if we could replace one LB tomorrow in hopes that we would be a better defense, that LB should be Geno Hayes, not Barrett Ruud. If you lined up, say, Jonathan Vilma, with Hayes and Black, we would still suck against the run. I can say this with confidence, because New Orleans does have Jonathan Vilma lined up alongside mediocre OLB's and they do suck against the run. However, if you lined up say, Lance Briggs alongside Ruud and Black, that would without a doubt make us better against the run. If you doubt that, just look at the stats from '07 and '08 compared to now. The MLB is the only thing that hasn't changed from those seasons.

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