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Uncle Stan

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: November 16, 2010, 02:56:51 PM

These are the regular season rules for playing NFCS PR PickEM.

Any weekly changes will be noted in the Predictions thread for that week and this thread updated as needed.

Here's how it's done. To play, working with the spread, you pick four games each week, ONLY from the list posted below. If playing that week, any individual games not picked will be considered a loss. All games with NFCS teams are included, except Thursday/Friday games.
The spread will come from FootballLocks.com once all NFCS spreads are known. All initial point spreads that end in a WHOLE number will have .5 added by the moderator and will be included in the numbers you see posted on the Predictions thread for that week, so there can be no ties. If the spread is a "pickem" for an NFCS team, .5 will be added to the visiting team.

There is also a TIEBREAKER to determine the weekly Champ and it will always be GROSS passing yards for team selected from NFCS. If not entered, the moderator will enter zero. On week 17, there will be 2 tiebrakers-it will be the team selected and its opponent.

              >>>>>>>>  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ! ! !  <<<<<<<<
To avoid any possible misunderstandings, when posting your entries, enter ONLY the CORRECT LAST NAMES AS SHOWN of the four teams you selected, in the  SAME SEQUENCE and the NUMBER for the tiebreaker. If not done in this manner, moderator will not be responsible for errors in your posting.
YOU CANNOT POST ON MULTIPLE BOARDS WITH THE SAME SCREEN NAME  as the program has only 1 city code attached to your screen name.

Except for byes and when a NFCS team is playing each other, the first choice for selections will be NFCS teams. Otherwise, the moderator will select other games played on a SUNDAY, as need be, to make it four games. To be in the running for the seasonal Champ, you need to have played at least half the games to date. To win the overall title, you need to have played ten weeks (40 games) and must have also played one of the final two weeks. (Can start as late as week 8 if you play all the remaining games.) The seasonal Champion is determined by best picking PERCENTAGE, NOT by the most number of wins. Anyone can win the weekly Champ if you play 4 games in any given week!

When picking the tie breaker it will the one closest. If one is over and one is under, the tie goes to the player under. Example: If the passing yards number is 250. If someone picks 251 and someone else picks 249, the one with 249 wins.

Deadlines for entering is NOON each Sunday for games that week for all players. However, if there is an NFCS game on Saturday, the cutoff is NOON SATURDAY. Posts or changes after those times will not be considered.

The week number posted in this thread is the actual NFL week number and the date is the Sunday for that week's games.

If you post more than once and don't delete any multiple posts, your original post will be used. If you have changes, PLS delete your original post and resubmit as a new post and indicate its a REVISION. The moderator does not go back and review any prior posts for possible changes after it has already been posted to the worksheet, which is done every couple of hours.

If you change your screen name during the course of any year's tournament, you must identify your original screen name in every subsequent post. Otherwise all records for that year will be split under the different names.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy!

Learn to disagree without being disagreeable-Ronald Reagan circa 1981
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