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: December 20, 2010, 07:43:33 PM

I read in a recent PI-Hits that the PR staff doesn't seem to think that the Bucs will be big players in the upcoming Free agency crop.   I almost think they will be "forced" to.  I realize that there is a good chance there won't be football next season, but if a CBA is reached, I would expect it to have both a salary "cap" and a salary "floor" .  Since the Bucs have the lowest payroll in the league, I think they would need to spend money to reach the "floor".  I can see them either being forced to bring in free agents or paying to extend their own.  I don't see many players that warrant an extension, all our playmakers are in the first 1-3 years of their careers, except Winslow, and he just got an extension last season after we acquired him.  We don't have any "must re-sign" free agents of our own that require the Franchise tag, so we would need to bring players in.  I'd be thrilled if some of the following things could happen. 

Breaking down our positions, I don't see any free agents being brought in at QB, WR or DT.  I also don't think we re-sign Trueblood, but go with Lee and Dotson.  If we were to think about bringing in a TE, it would be a backup, so why not re-sign Gilmore and keep Purvis.  I say we let Faine go,(which would put us further below the "floor", I like Zuttah at Center being backed up by Larsen.  My thinking at Guard is that we re-sign Joseph and as a Free Agent bring in Carl Nicks from New Orleans.  At the running back position we need to bring in a scatback to compliment Blount, but I think we could find a player like Noel Devine or Jeffrey Demps in the 4th round or so.  I'd be for re-signing Caddy, to mentor the younger guys.  Keep Ernest and Lorig at FB.  I don't see Caddy, or Gilmore adding much to the salary floor, but Joseph and Nicks would help

Defensivly, we obviously need help at DE, OLB, ILB and S.  Hopefully Ronde comes back at a reasonable salary.  I don't see us needing to upgrade Talib, Biggers, or Lewis.  I'd like to go after a guy like ray Edwards from Minnesota and David Harris from the Jets.  Re-sign Quincy and make him compete for a starting job or at least provide good depth.  Other than that I'd rely on the draft to fill in the other spots.  So rather than getting 7-8 "Sean Jones type FA, I'd go for the three bigger guys

My offseason moves wuold be to


Caddy, Gilmore, Joseph, Ronde, Stylez White and Black

Sign as Free Agents

1.  Carl Nicks
2.  Ray Edwards
3.  David Harris


Round 1-  Akeem Ayers   OLB UCLA
Round 2-  With the deep DE class maybe a guy like Cameron Heyward drops, he's not much of a pass rusher, but helps stop the run
Round 3-  Noel Devine-  Compliments Blount perfectly
Round 4-  Teejay Johnson- FS from TCU, with Tanard's status up in the air we need to fill the safety spot
Rounds 5-7  Best player available with at least one OL

I just think that this new CBA will force us to spend the money, why not get teh best guys out there

Tom Voodoo


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#1 : December 20, 2010, 08:00:44 PM

Harris goes nowhere.  No way the Jets let him walk, he's too important to the interior of that defense.  If he does, I like him.  Ray Edwards is a product of those around him, I don't think he's the pass rusher we're looking for on the edge.  I think he'll end up like Ogunleye, good with great talent across from him, but above average w/out the talent.

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#2 : December 20, 2010, 08:19:10 PM

I'd be very happy with Edwards, even if he is a product of playing in a good system, give McCoy and Brain Price a season to develop and maybe they will need constant double teaming freeing up someone like Edwards.  I'm just hoping that we have to spend the money.  I understand and agree with buidling thru the draft, but after off-seasons with signings like Sean Jones, Jon Alston, Crowell, Nugent, and Niko K we need to supplement our solid drafts with some real free agent acquisitions


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#3 : December 20, 2010, 09:19:34 PM

I wrote something very similar to this in this thread ( http://www.pewterreport.com/Boards/index.php/topic,1276486.0.html ) a few days ago. I do think there will be football next season and I think the CBA will get done probably before April. Too much at stake for both the owners and the players. No one wins a lockout and what both sides would lose would take years and years to re-coop.

That said, I think the Bucs will be players enough to get to the Salary cap floor and perhaps a little beyond, but not much more than that. What is unknown at this point is how much the CBA will change. For example, the players want modifications to the usage of the Franchise tag (i.e. can only be used on a player once) and of course there are going to be changes to the salary pool for drafted players with players at the top of the draft getting less money that should end up going to veteran players. That will probably mean that base salaries will probably be adjusted as well.

I foresee the Bucs signing some of their own players, Carnell Williams (basically because he's a good guy in the locker room), Davin Joseph if he's willing to come back without his friend Trueblood, possibly Quincy Black. The difference next year will be that there are a lot of players that CAN hit FA next season IF they are willing to wait. There will be probably a bumper crop in good players, but at the same time there will be a lot of competition for those players. I don't see the Bucs spending wildly.

However, IF a real superstar does hit FA (like Mario Williams), I certainly hope to hear that Dom/Morris show some interest if it's someone with a proven track record, not 30+ and is at a position of need (DE/LB/Offensive Guard).

: December 20, 2010, 09:21:30 PM nitey

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#4 : December 20, 2010, 09:20:28 PM

the BUcs have players who will be holding out eventually. 

Tom Voodoo


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#5 : December 20, 2010, 09:33:56 PM

the BUcs have players who will be holding out eventually.

Such as?

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#6 : December 20, 2010, 09:38:23 PM

I'd like to see some moves on the OL.  Not sure who's up, but I think a veteran there is better and less risky than a draft pick.

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#7 : December 20, 2010, 10:13:28 PM

Okay, I went over to Walter Football and looked at their Future Free Agent list. The information isn't up to date, but I suspect that most of these names WILL be available if the players choose to go to Free agency. This list is only for players 28 years and less old (I made one or two exceptions). When I was looking at the list I was surprised to see a lot of clubs that have a large number of players that have contracts that expire at the end of this season. While some of these players might get the franchise tag, I noted that on some of the clubs, they have a big name at another position as well that could get the tag so some of the really good players just might make it. I didn't list safety, but I actually saw a few names that I would be happy if the Bucs signed. Anyway, here is the list.

Note: This information is at least 6 months old. Do your own research if you question a name or two. Sorry for the formatting. I didn't feel like fixing it.

Deuce Lutui    27    2011 (Arizona)
Justin Blalock    26    2011 (Atlanta)
Marshal Yanda    25    2011 (Balt)
Chris Chester    27    2011 (Balt)
Nate Livings    28    2011 (Cin)
Evan Mathis    28    2011 (Cin)
Manuel Ramirez    27    2011 (Det)
Jason Spitz    27    2011 (GB)
Daryn Colledge    28    2011 (GB)
Kasey Studdard    26    2011 (Hou)
Kyle DeVan    25    2011 (Ind)
Tony Ugoh    26    2011 (Ind)
Richie Incognito27    2011 (Mia)
Logan Mankins    28    2011 (Pats)
Carl Nicks    27    2011 (NO)
Kevin Boothe    27    2011 (Giants)
Trai Essex    27    2011 (Pitt)
John Greco    25    2011 (Rams)
Mark Setterstrom26    2011 (Rams)
Davin Joseph    26    2011 (Bucs)
David Baas    28    2011 (SF)
Mansfield Wrotto25    2011 (Sea)
Leroy Harris    26    2011 (Ten)

Ryan Kalil    25    2011 (Carolina)

Defensive End
Kenny Iwebema    25    2011 (Arizona)
Haloti Ngata    26    2011 (Balt)
John McCargo    27    2011 (Buff)
Charles Johnson 24    2011 (Carolina)
Marcus Spears    27    2011 (Dallas)
Stephen Bowen    26    2011 (Dallas)
Jason Hatcher    28    2011 (Dallas)
Marcus Thomas    24    2011 (Den)
Cliff Avril    24    2011 (Det)
Turk McBride    25    2011 (Det)
Johnny Jolly    27    2011 (GB)
Robert Mathis    29    2011 (Ind)
Tony McDaniel    25    2011 (Mia)
Ray Edwards    25    2011 (Min)
Brian Robison    27    2011 (Min)
Mathias Kiwanuka27    2011 (Giants)
Jason Richardson26    2011 (Oak)
Victor Abiamiri 24    2011 (Phil)
Travis Johnson    28    2011 (SD)
Stylez G. White 31    2011 (Bucs)
Ray McDonald    25    2011 (SF)
Jacob Ford    27    2011 (Ten)
Dave Ball    29    2011 (Ten)

Outside Linebacker
Stephen Nicholas 27    2011 (Atlanta)
Antwan Barnes    25    2011 (Balt)
Thomas Davis    27    2011 (Carolina)
James Anderson    26    2011 (Carolina)
Jamar Williams    26    2011 (Carolina)
Nick Roach    25    2011 (Bears)
Rashad Jeanty    27    2011 (Cin)
Brandon Johnson 27    2011 (Cin)
Chris Gocong    26    2011 (Cleve)
Jayme Mitchell    26    2011 (Cleve)
Jason Trusnik    26    2011 (Cleve)
Caleb Campbell    26    2011 (Det)
Zach Diles    25    2011 (Hou)
Clint Session    25    2011 (Ind)
Justin Durant    24    2011 (Jac)
Freddie Keiaho    27    2011 (Jac)
Tamba Hali    26    2011 (KC)
Chad Greenway    27    2011 (Min)
Clint Ingram    27    2011 (NO)
JoLonn Dunbar    25    2011 (NO)
Thomas Howard    27    2011 (Oak)
Ernie Sims    25    2011 (Phil)
Akeem Jordan    25    2011 (Phil)
LaMarr Woodley    25    2011 (Pitt)
Andre Frazier    28    2011 (Pitt)
Shawne Merriman 26    2011 (Buff)
Chris Chamberlain24    2011 (Rams)
Quincy Black    26    2011 (Bucs)
Manny Lawson    26    2011 (SF)
LeRoy Hill    27    2011 (Sea)
Chris Wilson    28    2011 (Wash)

Middle/Inside Linebacker
Paul Posluszny    25    2011 (Buff)
Keith Ellison    26    2011 (Buff)
D'Qwell Jackson 26    2011 (Cleve)
Wesley Woodyard 24    2011 (Den)
Desmond Bishop    26    2011 (GB)
Kirk Morrison    28    2011 (Jac)
Corey Mays    26    2011 (KC)
Eric Alexander    28    2011 (Pats)
Marvin Mitchell 25    2011 (NO)
Chase Blackburn 27    2011 (Giants)
David Harris    26    2011 (Jets)
Ricky Brown    26    2011 (Oak)
Stewart Bradley 26    2011 (Phil)
Omar Gaither    26    2011 (Phil)
Keyaron Fox    28    2011 (Pitt)
Kevin Burnett    27    2011 (SD)
Brandon Siler    24    2011 (SD)
Barrett Ruud    27    2011 (Bucs)
Adam Hayward    26    2011 (Bucs)
Stephen Tulloch 25    2011 (Ten)
Rocky McIntosh    27    2011 (Wash)

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#8 : December 20, 2010, 10:26:28 PM

the BUcs have players who will be holding out eventually.

Such as?

Blount, Williams comes to mind immediately.  these guys are very underpaid, and regarding Williams, well...he signed VERY quickly to get on the field, and he might be asking for more cash now that he has proven himself as an NFL commodity.  It might be a few years, but eventually covers that time frame I think...

Same applies to Blount, who is getting paid peanuts and meat scraps.  He is going to have his hand out for big change, and well...the Glazers gonna have to pay.  Or maybe they won't.

Talib is going to be hankering for more cash soon enough.

Biggers is going to want some dough eventually.

These guys are young, and retaining their services is going to be important if they keep producing.

Same with guys like Grimm.  If he keeps playing well.


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#9 : December 20, 2010, 10:49:22 PM

Forced? No.

But, for them to become a better team quick(er), they'll probably have to.

They have a "franchise QB" for the first time in what seems forever, a RB in Blount that should last for a long time and is worthy of being called a feature-back, a pair of more-than-able WR's, and a TE that can catch damn-near anything thrown to him. I'm not point many fingers at the O, because they're actually what was considered a light at the end of the tunnel, imo.

So then. What would we say the actual problem IS on the O? The OL? The playcalling from GO?

If it not the OL, it's going to be picks/FA's for the MLB area or the DE's. WR/RB/QB are actually set for us for a long time (for once).

...Of course, if Rah and Co lose out the rest of the season, there might be a different approach to everything, so too soon to tell imo..

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#10 : December 20, 2010, 10:59:17 PM

Of course, if Ruud gets surrounded with two beastly linebackers, what is to say he wouldn't be a benefit at that point?

Oh well....my gut tells me Ruud comes back next year.  So let's hope that a steady strongside linebacker gets found, and a deluxe version of Hayes appears.  Hayes can be decent, but he seems to be washed away at times as well.


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#11 : December 21, 2010, 12:11:33 AM

If so, hopefully Dominick improves here. As great as he's been at drafting players and finding practice squad guys from other teams, he has struggled in terms of bringing in known free agents. Clayton and Ward come to mind, as well as the near Haynesworth signing.


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#12 : December 21, 2010, 12:16:29 AM

nitey, wont a lot of thoseguys be restrictedFAs?


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#13 : December 21, 2010, 12:18:47 AM

If the new CBA re-establishes a cap, there is no question the Bucs will be well under the floor and will have to spend some big money to reach it.

Bucs are at about $80.5 million in players payroll. That is #32 in the NFL in spending.

One of the big debates concerning the CBA is player salaries and how much of the pie they get. Right now I believe players get 56%. The league wants it lower, the union wants it higher. So they will have to compromise on that. But if it stayed the same as it did in 2009, the cap floor would be about $115 million with present day revenue. So the Bucs would be forced to spend $35 million.


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#14 : December 21, 2010, 12:52:37 AM

lol, one thing is for certain, the Glazers are men of their word. They have said the Bucs won't be big players in FA and there is no reason to expect otherwise. There are plenty of games that can be played with contracts to bring the Bucs up to the salary cap floor.

Edit: Quick note, the way Dom has been finding talent, unless a real stud is available, I don't think the Bucs really NEED (on a player talent standpoint) to be FA players this off season either.
: December 21, 2010, 12:54:19 AM SepeBucs

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