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#45 : January 03, 2011, 03:28:14 PM

I'm not saying Asante is or isn't the future, but anointing him off of that one play is no different than anointing Ruud for forcing the fumble. One play doesn't make a game, nor a career.

I haven't seen anyone "anoint" Asante from any one play or even collection of plays.  But he was one of 2 deep safety's on the play, and he looked to be leaning closer to sideline to help Ruud with Bush - which was probably a good move by Morris.


Even if Moore doesn't fall down, Asante looks to be in good position to make the tackle.  But you gotta give the PS scrub credit for (1) being in position to make a play and (2) making a play.


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#46 : January 03, 2011, 03:51:53 PM

Looked to be in good position for the interception he had yesterday.

would he have been in good position had lance moore not fallen down?

Yeah.  He was in position to make a play on Moore as the deep safety.  He wasn't covering Moore 1-on-1.

Asante was in perfect position on that play.....as soon as Moore made the cut inside Asante and Lynch both read Brees's eyes and moved in on Moore, if Moore catches that ball he he gets Hammered and probly drops the ball.....when Asante cought the ball he was 2 yards away from Moore, which tells me he had awesome position...it's not like the ball flew 10 yards past Moore


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#47 : January 03, 2011, 06:40:17 PM

People, Tanard was suspended indefinably, not for a year. He can apply to the commissioner for reinstatement after a year, but the commish can say no. It is based off Tanards actions while suspended (which is why he is in rehab). So at the earliest, Tanard can't even start to practice with the team until after game two. You think after six days of practice, Tanard gets his starting gig back? No way.

And I agree about Jones playing good enough. Geesch, they held up very well today against the Saints when Brees had 4 days to throw the ball. They will be even better if we could find a pass rush.

Prediction: Marijuana is decriminalized world wide, the Roge allows Tanard back with open arms and a high-five after his reinstatement.

Heres hoping.....But I love in Canada so Im not too concerned........;)

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