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#735 : Today at 03:22:26 PM


Draft Aaron Donald


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Anthony McFarland
300 lbs
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Decent at NT, blew chunks at UT

You guys argue over some of the dumbest crap.


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#737 : Today at 03:37:32 PM

I think you are making the same mistake that has been repeated over and over in this thread. You are talking like Donald is just your typical stocky DT when the truth is he is an enigma and most people really don't understand the type of player he is. The biggest misconception is that he is this stout little bowling ball with short arms. His arms are almost 33" long and he is very lean for a DT. He's thick as hell but it's all muscle.

His combine numbers were better than most LBs. His 3 cone time of 7.11 is ridiculous for a DT. Only big man I can think of that had a better 3 cone time in the last decade is JJ Watt.

His 10 yard split of 1.56 was also amazing for a DT and just happens to be identical to Clowney, Barr, and Mack's time. So even though he is 20-30lbs bigger than those guys he covers 10 yards in the exact same amount of time. Suh, McCoy, and even Geno Atkins didn't come close to that time.

His 40 yard dash time was off the charts ridiculous. People were fawning over Clowney's 40 time when 265lbs pass rushers run a 4.53 quite often. Meanwhile Donald runs a 4.68 which is probably the best 40 time for a DT in the history of the combine. I believe Warren Sapp was the fastest at 4.69.

Even past all that, if you watch the guy play from the edge in games, watch him in practice at the Senior Bowl, watch him run his position drills at the combine and pro day....it's easy to see he has the arm length, the quickness, the power, the technique, and the ability to turn his hips and lean that is needed to be a great outside rusher. So when people start talking about his limitations or putting him in some sort of box and saying he is just a DT and he can only do these things....I cringe. Donald is the real deal and if he was 3 inches taller he'd be the #1 pick. As it is, he'll almost certainly be a top 10 pick and could still end up being a top 5. Some team that understands the value of an elite, once in a decade pass rusher will grab him and be very happy for many years.

Instead of think of Donald as a quick DT, people should realize he is more like a very powerful DE. He has all the traits of the best outside pass rushers in the league minus 3 inches of height....but he also has the power of an elite DT which is why he can play anywhere on the line and still dominate. The Geno Adkins comparison is legit, but personally I think the perfect comparison is Dwight Freeney. Donald has 15-20lbs on Freeney, but they look very similar on film.

On the DE speed, no they don't.  Since 2006 4 defensive linemen have posted faster official 40 times at the combine.  They weighed: 241, 245, 245, 248.  The next closest 260+ lb defensive linemen since 2006 is Hunt at 4.60. 

I want to agree with you that he can play end.  Can you show me?  Again, he played a decent amount of snaps in the film I've watched against tackles.  I have not seen anywhere near the dominance he displays from the inside on film.  Please link me some dominant DE snaps.
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