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PRPatrol: Message Board Members,

Thanks for being part of the message board community. We look forward to your posts regarding the Buccaneers and National Football League.

Listed below is a restatement of the our 11 simple, but very important board rules that each and every one of the message boards members are expected to follow in order to keep this message board community fun for all to post on. Violating one or more of these rules can result in suspension from the boards or even a permanent banishment.

Please find below the message board rules, which each of you agreed to abide by when you registered on this message board community.


1. No profanity (implied or direct) or abusive language. It simply won't be tolerated on the message board forums.

2. Feel free to sound off on opinions, but personal attacks on your fellow board members, players, coaches, media members or any other person or organization is not allowed. Referencing gender, siblings, and any sexual inuendo has no merit in the message board forums and will not be tolerated.

3. Name-calling against your fellow board members, players, coaches, media members or any other person or organization is not allowed.

4.  Racist, religious and sexual orientation comments or insinuations are not allowed within this board forum. There are many ethnic groups within the message board community and all should receive the same courtesy and consideration.

5. Spreading rumors about your fellow posters, players, coaches, media members or any other person or organization will not be tolerated. If you claim to know something you better provide proof (for example, a link). Otherwise, be prepared to have your post deleted without warning in addition to other potential consequences.

6. Absolutely no trolling or flaming is allowed. Bucs fans and foes are welcome to create discussions and contribute, but mindless flaming will not be tolerated and those posts will be deleted without warning.

7. Spamming, otherwise known as purposely promoting other Internet websites/businesses in an effort to drive away traffic from will not be tolerated. Providing links to newsworthy stories is one thing, but purposely promoting a business or website on's message boards with links or signatures will not be tolerated.

8. Attaching photos/links in posts is acceptable, provided they are not of sexually explicit or profane in nature and are reasonable in size.

9. Posting links to websites that stream NFL games is not allowed. Those games are deemed to be illegal by the NFL and promoting illegal activities on the boards is against the rules.   

10. Sharing content from Pewter Insider articles is strictly prohibited unless it is done in the Article Commenting feature in Pewter Insider articles or on the Pewter Insider message board. Sharing premium content with non-subscribers is strictly forbidden. Persons in violation of this forum regulation will be subject to immediate termination of their Pewter Report and/or Pewter Insider subscription and will not receive a refund. Pewter Report also forbids the posting of other websites' premium content in our forums.

11. Being a paid Pewter Report/Pewter Insider subscriber does not make you immune to the enforcement of the message board rules. Paid subscribers have rights, but this is an interactive forum. You pay to go to the movies, the theatre and sports events, too, but if you behave badly enough you will get thrown out of those venues, paid patron or not. The same type of reasoning applies here.

One final request, show some levity in your differences of opinion on topics. Posters will have differing opinions on certain topics, which is what makes the forums entertaining. Just because you have a differing opinion does not make it right or wrong. Respect all opinions as you would want your own to be respected.

Thanks in advance for making the message board community fun and informative for all of your fellow Bucs fans!

The Staff


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