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Feel Real Good:

--- Quote from: olafberserker on January 11, 2013, 11:49:09 AM ---Sure it is except for the part about Lousville spanking the Gators at the end of the season a week ago on a neutral field and the Gators winning by a field goal at the beginning of the season 4 months ago.   Other than that it is a perfect analogy.

--- End quote ---
Which game meant more to both teams? The one where if you win you get a chance at the conference championship and maybe the national championship or the one where everyone is thinking about declaring for the NFL the next day?

the whole concept of rankings is flawed and always will be...   How can any ranking be accurate when it changes every week? Football rankings formulated like a rigged beauty contest are certainly open to ridicule.

With the current flawed system and the way rankings are determined Florida being ranked below A&M makes perfect sense.   Can't wait until a real 16 team playoff is put into effect. That will stop the nonsense to an extent.


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