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: March 13, 2011, 01:39:48 PM

Bucs TE Winslow says he's very content in Tampa.

Source:   ProFootballWeekly
Posted March 12, 2011 @ 4:11 p.m. ET
By Dan Parr

While he waits for the owners and the players' professinal trade association to settle their dispute, Buccaneers TE Kellen Winslow told PFW he prepared financially for the lockout and is working to stay in shape.

Coming off two relatively healthy and productive seasons, Winslow, who is heading into his third season with the Bucs since being traded from the Browns, said this is the happiest he's been in his professional career.

"I mean, I had a great time in Cleveland," he said. "Had a great time with my teammates. We didn't win too much, but had some good relationships in Cleveland. Just overall happy I'd have to say yeah. Everything is in the right position. Warm weather, great coach, no drama."

Following a surprising 10-win season, the bar is being raised for the Bucs this offseason. They didn't make the playoffs in 2010, but have plenty of young talent and will be expected to contend for a spot again in '11. Winslow said he's surprised by how quickly the fortunes have changed for the team, which went 3-13 in '09.

When he was dealt to Tampa Bay heading into the '09 season, it looked like Winslow was going to be part of a long-term rebuilding project and that wins could be in short supply.

"I knew we had the right guy leading us (at head coach), but I just knew we were really young," Winslow said. "For us to do what we're doing it's pretty amazing with how young we are. (My teammates) made me a believer. I didn't know at first. I didn't know how good we could be."

The 27-year-old has undergone several surgeries on his right knee since he was involved in a motorcycle accident in '05 and his practice time in training camp and during the season has been limited by head coach Raheem Morris to give him time to rest and recover.

Winslow said his offseason workout regimen has also changed over the years, and that it currently consists of running, cycling and playing basketball.

"I've gotten a lot smarter," he said. "I just used to do anything I could because I wanted everything right now. I would already be running routes right now and be lifting a lot of weights."

Winslow, who is heading into his eighth season, has led Tampa Bay in receptions in each of the past two seasons, making 77 catches in '09 and 66 in '10.

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#1 : March 13, 2011, 03:21:09 PM

And maturing as he's gotten older and transitioning into a team leader since he's not one of the young guys anymore.



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#2 : March 13, 2011, 04:28:53 PM

Nice statement by Kellen.  Feels good to know that players really enjoy the Bucs coach and the Tampa team. Glaziers made a very good decision turning over the day to day management of the team to Dominik and Morris.

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#3 : March 13, 2011, 08:27:33 PM

Spot on Todd.   

Sounds like a pretty cool place to be as a player.

(all cba crap aside...)

Who knew how good it would feel as a fan when we now know what it\'s like for our team to have a direction, an attitude, and dare I say an offense?.  

Good time to be a Bucs fan.
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