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: March 17, 2011, 11:28:30 AM

Reason for FSU fans to be optimistic next season.

Starters in Bold solid contributors italics

University of Miami :                              http://cfn.scout.com/2/977722.html

CB Brandon Harris
OG Orlando Franklin
DE Allen Bailey
WR Leonard Hankerson
LB Colin McCarthy

RB Craig Cooper (inj Former contributor)
CB Demarcus Van Dyke
K/P Matt Bosher
RB Damien Berry
TE Richard Gordon
OG Joel Figeroa
CB Ryan Hill
FB Patrick Hill
LB Kylan Robinson

DL Josh Holmes
Db Cory Nelms

12 starters 2 contributors

University of Florida              http://florida.rivals.com/cdepthtext.asp

OL Mike Pouncey
OL Marcus Gilbert
S Ahmad Black
OG Carl Johnson
S Will Hill
DE Justin Trattou
P Chas Henry

OG Maurice Hurt
LB Brandon Hicks
LB AJ Jones
DT Lawrence Marsh

DT Terron Sanders
RB Emmanuel Moody
LB Lorenzo Edwards
DT Brandon Antwine

DE Duke Lemmens
WR Carl Moore

12 starters 4 contributors

Florida State                                      http://cfn.scout.com/2/974139.html

QB Christian Ponder
LG Rodney Hudson
C Ryan McMahon
LE Markus White

SLB Nigel Carr.
SLB Mister Alexander
MLB 29 Kendall Smith

BCB 15 Ochuko Jenije

6 starters 1 contributor

I think the lists are fairly accurate, but I am sure there will be commentary on how little certain starters meant to the team while the new replacements are much better.

Corrections welcomed!

From my view it would seem that UF 8-5 and UM 7-6 lost far more starters than FSU 10-4. With all new coaching staffs at Florida and Miami I would say that bodes well for FSU with so many returning starters. It would appear the biggest loss for FSU would be Ponder but with Manual getting plenty of starts over the last 2 years much progress undoubtedly will be measured on his improvement this off season.

John Galt?

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#1 : March 17, 2011, 08:17:52 PM

I think Hudson might be a bigger loss than Ponder. I don't know who replaces Hudson, but Manuel could have all the Seminoles saying "Ponder who?"


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#2 : March 18, 2011, 07:48:16 AM

At this point a Juco transfer that has already enrolled named Jacob Fahrenkrug  6'4" 320 is scheduled to take his place.  4th rated Juco player in the country according to Rivals..   Of course ratings are just opinions and until FSU has him on the field against Division One competition no one really knows if he is going to fill Hudson's shoes who graded so well during his career at FSU.   Will he turn out as successful as a Walter Jones who was also a Juco transfer?  Too early to make that kind of wild prediction.  JMO but I would say doubtful.  Probably more like a Milford Brown 6'3" 315 who was also a Juco OL.   FSU has had pretty good success with Juco OL transfers.   Of course he may also turn into nothing special.

As to Manual I think it all depends on how well he assimilates the playbook and how much the "Training Wheels" are taken off by Fisher who generally has restricted the playbook tremendously so far with Manual. 

Much of Ponders success was due more to between the ears and film study.   It remains to be seen if Manual has the same dedication.  I do believe Manual throws a better long ball than Ponder but it is those mid range precision passes that I still have questions.

All up to him I do believe this is his first healthy spring since coming to FSU which probably more than anything is the reason for the restricted playbook.

Athletically he is Physically more impressive than Ponder in both Height and Weight and seems to be fairly intelligent and well liked by his team mates.

I do think he has shown that he will carry the team on his shoulders and make things happen even if it involves running the ball.


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#3 : March 21, 2011, 09:27:43 AM

i think fsu fans have good reason to be excited heading into 2011.  i also think UF fans do too.  certain posters may think its excuses, but i truly believe UF played too many team leaders last year and not enough talent.  if the new coaches can turn the talent into the leaders, i dont expect much falloff in any.  UF only lost one impact player on defense.  on offense, replacing the OL could be a struggle, but that unit certainly underperformed as a veteran group last year.

i dont know too much about miami, but i hear good things about their coach.  i think fsu has the upper hand this year, but all 3 should be back on top within 2 years.

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#4 : March 28, 2011, 12:49:16 PM

Well done video showing why FSU fans are excited about the coming season despite having 4 losses.

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