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#75 : April 24, 2011, 09:17:46 PM

LT playing on coke was one of the most amazing things Ihave ever seen football players do.  He was unblockable.  There will never be another player like LT...

But yeah, Parcells defintely knew LT was a thug, and he definitely turned a blind eye.

But I think this young team is going to welcome Talib back, and they are going to sit down and have a nice "chat" about the scenario.

Unless a good trade offer comes along, or if Talib goes to prison, then I think he will suit up in Pewter.  I wonder if the crowd will boo him when he comes out of the tunnel?



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#76 : April 24, 2011, 10:11:04 PM

If you were Dom what would you do???

Thats right, Toss his arse!

We will compensate!


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#77 : April 24, 2011, 10:16:37 PM

If you were Dom what would you do???

id try to win games.

\"Lets put the O back in Country\"


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#78 : April 25, 2011, 12:52:28 PM

Former Bucs DL Hovan to coach at Chamberlain
Mon. April 25, 2011 | Eduardo A. Encina

When the Chamberlain football team takes the field for spring practice next month, they will have a new addition on the sideline who local football fans will be very familiar with.

Former Bucs defensive lineman Chris Hovan will be joining the the Chiefs coaching staff to help coach Chamberlain's defensive line, Chamberlain coach Joe Severino told the Times on Monday.

"I'm sure he's going to do a good job," Severino said. "We really need guys like him who are fiery and motivated. We need some of the younger guys who are out there who can fire the kids up. I'm sure his knowledge of techniques and stuff is at the highest level. All the kids look up to a professional player."

Hovan, who played five seasons in Tampa Bay, just completed his 11th year in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams, but he spent the entire season on injured reserve. He was a first-round draft pick of the Minnesota Vikings in 2000 after a stellar college career at Boston College, where he was an All-American and Lombardi Award semifinalist.

He was an honorable mention USA Today high school All-American coming out of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland.

Severino said he'd like to see Hovan remain on staff in the fall. Hovan has yet to formally announce his retirement from he NFL, but in the past has mentioned his desire to coach after playing.

"That's why you try to do a lot of new things in the spring, to see if they're going to work out," Severino said. "Everything I've seen so far, he's going to be a good addition."

- EDUARDO A. ENCINA (eencina@sptimes.com; Twitter: @EddieHometeam

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#79 : April 25, 2011, 02:05:03 PM

You would think a big publication like USA Today would have some kind of spell check. Good Lord.

Chris Hovan: Bucs too lentient with Aqib Talib, need to cut CB

11:38 AM  April 25th  2011
By Sean Leahy, USA TODAY

 The momentum for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to cut ties with CB Aqib Talib is growing.

And former Buccaneers DT Chris Hovan is driving much of that momentum. He told WQYK-AM last week that the Bucs have given too many chances to Talib.
And he placed blame for that on Bucs head coach Raheem Morris.

"I mean, how many times do you let this guy go off the hook, though?" Hovan said, via NFL.com. "How many times? I mean, how many people does he have to hurt? How many times is he going to get sued? Or how many times is he going to go to jail before you get it right? Who is going to step in? Has Raheem stepped in? I have not seen Raheem step in."

Talib turned himself into police after a March incident in which cops allege he and his mother fired a gun at the boyfriend of Talib's sister.

That's just the latest incident for Talib. He was suspended one game last season after he had been charged with assaulting a taxi driver. He was also involved in a fight in 2009 at an offseason workout.

For Hovan, the chances have run out. And he wondered if Talib's talent -- he was a 2008 first-round pick -- and his connection to Morris -- who used to be the secondary coach -- are factors.

"(Talib) has been given too much leeway from Raheem Morris because, I guess, coach Morris has favoritism towards him because he played defensive back," said Hovan, played for the Bucs from 2005-2009.

"Again, they are giving this young man way too much leeway. Any other individual would have been cut way before this. But Aqib's got so much talent -- his talent goes through the ceiling. But you can't have these offseason issues and you can't keep covering for this kid because they're saying it's OK for what he is doing."

The Bucs are not able to make any personnel moves with Talib -- or any other player -- until after the NFL lockout ends

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