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#60 : July 13, 2011, 10:23:54 PM

Your source said the deal was done in June, then to start this thread you said the date was July 16th or 17th. Just stop already.


If your source says deal will get done before the end of JUly. Tell me why. Why not right now? What is holding it up? If the players know how much they will get paid and how long before they can hit the free market why not sign today? what major issues could be out there for the players and owners to lose 100s of millions of dollars?

Either you have not read all my posts. Or you are purposely taking small chunks of what I posted and presenting them out of context. Yes the deal was done except agreeing on verbiage. The players know just how much they will get. that has been known for over a month now. The big issues between the owners and players have been settled. The problem is the bickering between the players camps. Now that the players know what is to be split between them they now can not decide how they will split it amongst themselves.

Let me give you a hint. The owners are not going to agree to a CBA with the threat of continuing lawsuits from some of the players not accepting the terms that  the rest of the players have agreed to. Why agree to terms that will just be thrown out possibly in a month or 2 later in court. That's right  the players have got to agree to drop their law suits. Let me put it simply The super stars want a bigger chunk the retires want their chunk. The rookies want their chunk. The free agents want their chunk to be bigger. The super stars are worried with free agency now being only 4-5 years away. There will be less money available for the super stars under the salary cap as well as less importance for their services. The retirees would like to see a greater portion go into retirements. The rookies would like to see no cap on rookies salary and a higher minimum wage requirement. I bet you did not hear about that one. The agreement that both sides were trying to achieve before the camps got involved is more evenly distributed pay and less dramatic differences between lets say a 1250 yard rusher and a 950 yard rusher.

Actually...if you read around the internet, bucsbum has been pretty close if not on the money on stuff before reporters report it. It  does seem like he has a some steam from somewhere! Keep posting ignore the haters, believe it or not the people working on the CBA do have friends....and I'm sure they're talking. Not unrealistic to come across someone close to the situation. Schefter, Clayton and Mort all report "key dates" then push them back. But bucsbum has given enough info here that shows he's in the loop.

Ya, he's been right on the money with the reports.


Yet to suggest that such an outcome is a formality and that the basic framework of a deal is essentially in place is nowhere close to accurate.


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