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#30 : September 12, 2011, 02:00:04 PM

Olsen? Y'all mean Olson? ;)


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#31 : September 12, 2011, 02:00:22 PM

are some of your saying that you want the no huddle as our base offense?


Three WR set, single back, two tight end single back, or shotgun four WR split wide, etc.  No huddle offense was the staple of the Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills, and given how many passers in the first week passed for over 250+ passing yards the No huddle makes sense.

no-huddle can back fire just because the skill players and specially the O-line can lose their legs early in the game...then we would be in trouble


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#32 : September 12, 2011, 04:19:40 PM

Im still not concerned. Im more concerned with Olsen's play calling that Freeman or Blount. Hard for Blount to get going if he only has 5 touches.....

i understand why Olsen's the scapegoat..no1 wants to point the finger at Freedog i didnt hear any1 complain about Olsen last year when we won 10 games and he called the same plays
This is the point. Olsen is extremely uncreative. Somebody posted this on another thread.

From reporter Pete Prisco:

Chris Houston told me they knew what Tampa Bay routes were coming, same as last year. Not good endorsement for play-calling.

This scares the **CENSORED** out of me

ma man i think 95% of the plays run the same routes...all the basics..streak,hitch,slant,in,out..etc.  so dont be alarmed but if some how the D knows whats coming at them then that's a problem..again Olsen calls the plays and Freeman has to execute..on that Houston pick had he led em 2 more yards that would of been a TD...some you cant balme Olsen for that under throw

I understand that, but as a playcaller, you can't be so predictable. You can't run the same plays in the same situations against the same coverages week to week. It is a problem if the D knows that when they throw a certain coverage at you in a certain situation, your always going to run the same routes to attack it. If you know, you can jump those and take away certain things. As a good OC, you have to be able to adjust, which Olson does not seem like he is willing to do. Of course that pick wasn't Olson's fault, but I blame Benn more on that one. He has to be that big physical guy that he is and atleast make sure that the DB didn't come down with it.
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