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Season 2 airs this Sunday night at 9pm EST

Anyone else watch this great show?

Ya I watched the first episode yesterday on netflix. I want to watch the rest before seeing the new season. Maybe the worst thing to wake up to after a coma.

I enjoyed the first few episodes, and I read the entire comic series up til last year. I don't really like it though to be honest, just a bunch of contrived drama. I was super pissed that one of the episodes last season wasted like 10 minutes saying goodbye to some nobody character. I mean seriously, there's only 6 episodes and so much plot to cover, and you waste it on that?

They fired like all of their writers and I think the director stepped down or something though, so I hope things change drastically. I like drama, but only when it's fitting, not when it's just completely thrown in there an obligatory addition to make a show seem more serious. I'll give it a chance but I'm not expecting much.

The Anti-Java:
I am more of a "Breaking Bad" guy myself.

I love this show! I don't watch many shows on TV, but this one I do. I missed the first season so I picked it up on red box and I'm hooked. Can't wait for the premier tonight.


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