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Another great episode..So glad that Carol is alive, although we know with show who knows for how long. Meryl is back to being the Meryl. Michael Rooker is great, also Andrew Lincoln. Going forward Daryl will have to choose between his brother or the group and Andrea is going to choose between the group or the Gov.

3rd String Kicker:
Q&A - Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier)

Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on AMC's The Walking Dead, talks about learning to kill walkers this season and describes how she prepared for her rescue scene in Episode 6.

Q: Last year you told us how eager you were for Carol to get to use a weapon against a walker. Now that she's a veteran, has it been everything you hoped it would be?

A: It's everything I hoped for and a lot more. The psychology of it is interesting. My first zombie kill, at the fence, with a crowbar, it was so weird to put one down, that was the first time for me as an actor. It was kind of heart-breaking; I mean you know you have to do it, but always there's this thought in the back of your mind like this is supposed to be somebody.

Q: Did you do any training to get in fighting shape for these scenes?

A: There wasn't really practice, it was just getting acquainted with the gun, getting used to if there was any kind of kickback or anything. The difficult thing is if you're putting down the walker with any kind of instrument in your hands -- like the crowbar, or a machete -- it has to be so precise, you don't want to actually hurt anybody. The actors who play the walkers often can't see much, but we practice those moves lots of times before we do it. Last season I smacked one of the zombies' hands with a plank of wood, and I was petrified. But she was OK!

Q: Everyone talks about how hard the conditions are on set. How has this season stacked up?

A: Being in the prison as much as we have been is a relief from the heat, but at the same time, being outside like we were on the farm was nice. I guess I like being miserable; it just plays into what's going on. We're hot, we're miserable and we're sweaty.

Q: The chemistry between Carol and Daryl is pretty evident now. How do you and Norman Reedus get along off-camera?

A: I love my scenes with Norman. He is such a fun guy to be around and he throws in some great stuff. He's always unpredictable and organic. It really is something that's evolved. We had a great sit down in Season 2, and we were talking about our own lives. He gets me and I get him and I feel like Carol and Daryl are sort of the same way.

Q: You spent a couple episodes this season presumed dead. What did you do with your time off from the set?

A: I actually like to go to the set and hang out and watch everybody. When you're acting in a scene, you're focused on doing the scene. You can't break character and go, "Oh my God, I love what you're doing"! But these are such great actors and I love to go see them perform. I was there when Rick broke down. They did it many times, and it was so beautiful every time and a little different. I was there when Sarah had the baby and Maggie delivered it and Carl put her down. It's wonderful to watch and makes me proud. It inspires me to see these incredible performances.

Q: What have been some of your favorite moments for Carol this season?

A: I love the scene where Daryl finds Carol, in the cell. It was funny we were joking about making sure that he would be able to pick me up, and I told him that I lost four pounds just so he could pick me up. He was like, "What are you saying?" I was like, "Nothing, Carol is supposed to be dehydrated and tired!"


Anybody play the game? I love it but am scared for this final episode for it.

good episode tonight. Can't wait for the big battle for next week.

I hope Glen gets to kill the governor.

I wonder who all will die from "our" group.

Gonna be a crazy episode next week. Can't wait!

3rd String Kicker:
Well, putting things in perspective, a large part of the group is home still if I can recall correctly. Hershell, Carol, Hershel's other daughter who I refuse to learn her name because she will probably die very soon, Judith/T-Dogg Jr/Ass Kicker or whatever the baby's name is, and Carl. Pretty sure all of them make it, don't remember which if any prisoners went, I thought both did.

So the way you figure, we're probably going to lose one of Rick, Daryl, Andrea, Glen, Maggie, or Michonne, and possible the prisoners as being expendable. I think we lose one of the major characters. I'm also expecting a twist, like Merle doing something crazy and helping the group out instead of the governor. I'm thinking Andrea, Governer, and Merl drop next episode. They're calling it a midseason finale, seems like a long season than! Not complaining. Would love to see another 10ish episodes in February. Thought half seasons would be ~6 episodes, maybe 8 if you're lucky. I guess another possible twist is, the Governer sent a raiding party to the prison and they wipe out the people who you thought would be safe.

I'm think something is going to happen at the prison. The Gov sent a group out to scout it. Carl , Carol, Hershel, Beth, the baby (judith) and Axel were left at the prison. I see Axel as a gonner and possibly Beth. I don't see how Merle and the Gov will make it past this season. Even if Merle were to turn on the Gov to help the group, there is no way that they would trust him after waht he did to Glen.

3rd String Kicker:
Q&A - Steven Yeun (Glenn)

Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on AMC's The Walking Dead, talks with about post-apocalyptic romance and his expertise at being a hostage.

Q: Season 3 Episode 7, "When the Dead Come Knocking," is intense. Was this your first time ever being taken hostage?

A: You know, I'd been held hostage the first year, and then I was held hostage by my own people going down into the well last season! But this year, it was cool to show a little bit of mettle to Glenn, to see what he'd become.

Q: Do you feel like you're now trained to be able to escape from a similar strapped to a chair situation, if one ever arose?

A: It wasn't as difficult as it seemed, luckily. Turning over the chair on your back isn't easy, but standing up on it while being strapped to it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It was a blast. I hope I'd be as good. But if anyone is smart, they'd strap my legs to the chair as well.

Q: Do you have a favorite walker kill from this season?

A: Having the experience of choreographing that whole struggle of chair breaking and then coming alive and having to hit that walker in the head with a jagged chair was satisfying. That was awesome.

Q: The group gets to kill lots of walkers this season. Was it an actor's dream come true?

A: It was awesome. Trying to figure out new ways to kill these things is fun, as well as choreographing all that stuff. It's satisfying to kill one. People get into it. When we're filming and the responsibility comes to you to kill a walker and you're like, "Everybody trusts me to do this," it's a feeling that permeates from the character to the actor.

Q: Melissa McBride (Carol) talked about how the prison offered some comfort from the Georgia heat. Did that make it difficult to look like a survivor of a zombie apocalypse?

A: Being outside in the heat is always nice when you're trying to look miserable, but air conditioning is always good. You have to sit there and readjust to the surroundings, but somehow the set crew designed the inside of the prison to be just as disgusting as the outside. I don't know what they did, but it sucked in there too.

Q: In the moment when Glenn and Maggie get taken prisoner by Merle in Season 3 Episode 6, "Hounded," were you hoping they'd be able to get away?

A: I think they made a mistake in that moment and let their guard down. That's what happens when you have love in the apocalypse! The stakes aren't as high in the real world -- if you were to go shopping for baby formula, I don't think someone would come up to you and steal your girlfriend. But in that situation, it's almost terrible to have that attachment.

Q: Is Michael Rooker as frightening as he seems?

A: Michael Rooker is quite the character, he's in it. He's Merle. We just played it real. There's a lot of trust with us that's awesome. You just kind of have us play out something, and just film it. It's not such a grand process; it's just everyone's game and everyone's down to try something new and make it look good. It's a collaborative effort that goes surprisingly fast.

Q: Were there any sort of personal adjustments that you added to that scene?

A: Just kind of the whole feeling of what happens when you're pummeled. I tried to play up how painful it would be to get around when your ribs are almost broken, your face almost broken, and all. Also, I tried to incorporate what you do when you're in that much rage -- it was a whole process.

Q: Glenn and Maggie have a scene where they wake up in the guard tower. How'd you get up there?

A: They build out everything on the prison, it's crazy, but the only thing they didn't do was build steps up to the guard tower! So we had to take a crane up there, which was a fun experience.

Q: Glenn has emerged as one of the leaders of the group. Is this a situation you've ever been in yourself?

A: For me personally, the challenges of this season were about filling the holes left by the people that we lost. There are a lot of amazing actors that aren't there any more. As that happens, a little bit more responsibility is put on you in the weight you carry. So I feel like I've been dealt the same amount of responsibility on the show that Glenn has been dealt, and that growth has been almost one to one as each season has gone.

Skull and Bones:
Anybody else surprised how well Andrea's ass looked in a thong?


--- Quote from: Skull and Bones on November 30, 2012, 06:24:28 PM ---Anybody else surprised how well Andrea's ass looked in a thong?

--- End quote ---



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