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#165 : December 27, 2011, 07:26:39 PM

Wow, you have some serious anger management issues. I always knew you hated Gruden, but wow. You're really scary. Most of us agree Gruden had to go, but that ''flippin awful'' 2003 season had a lot to do with a lot of things: McKay sabotaging the team (yeah, he was talking with Atlanta BEFORE the season; really think he was trying his best?), Gramatica melting down (from which he never recovered), Joey J and Alstott getting hurt on the same play (I guess THAT was Gruden's fault too), Carolina improving and having a Cinderella season, some horrific luck and officiating (Carolina I on the EXP; the onside kick error vs. Indy), etc. Gruden and the whole team took a bite of humble pie. But to suggest he was a fraud of a coach really says more about YOU than about him.
Give up sports, dude. It really isn't good for you.

Lot of excuses for 2003 and I can make the same raftload of them about 2010 - cheap owners, GM not on same page as HC (we had a SB roster how much did RM need to do), lots of injuries (and not to the backup RB and 3rd WR that soooo killed any hope of a winning season in 2003). Nope, sorry dude, Gruden coached one good year here and then did a lousy job being an HC. Get your nose out of his crotch and see the reality.
Yeah don't forget about those four draft picks that Gruden gave up to be here never mind the puke rich mckay or the Glazers... Gruden will beat Tampa again if the Rams pick him up and if we don't get a better Coach with a better Coaching staff...LOL sometimes it would be just as good as the instigators were left out...But then this wouldn't be a blog...OBD

Several of the people who love Gruden will actually root for the Grudens over the Buccaneers... I have zero doubt about that.
I do and always will root for the Bucs. I hope they spank whatever team he coaches. But it'll really be a lose-lose situation because if the Bucs lose, I feel bad. And if the Bucs win, Gruden haters will care more that we beat Gruden than whatever team he coaches and work to make other Bucs fans feel bad.
So no good feelings will come from it, only malice.

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