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[I've been a fan of Dominik's drafts as much as anyone, but in the unlikely event that he's fired along with Morris, I wouldn't mind snagging a piece of the Raven's organization]


Published Dec. 31, 2011
By Charlie Campbell - @draftcampbell

There are many high-profile names who are run through the coaching rumormill on a daily basis. Just as important, but more under the radar, are the general manager candidates who are available. After speaking with league sources, here is a short list of potential GMs for teams that are looking for a change in the leadership of their front office. All of these executives are said to have a good eye for talent and are ready for a GM position.

Eric DeCosta

Baltimore's director of player personnel has been part of the Raven organization for 15 years. He has steadily risen up the ranks and learned under general manager Ozzie Newsome. DeCosta started as a college scout before becoming the director of college scouting. After having success with the NFL Draft, he was put in position to oversee both college and pro scouting. DeCosta was also part of the interviewing committee that hired head coach John Harbaugh in 2008. DeCosta is ready to run his own team.

John Dorsey

Green Bay's director of college scouting, Dorsey played for the Packers in the 1980s before being a college scout in the 1990s. Dorsey is in his third season as the director of college scouting. He has learned from general manager Ted Thompson, and the organization has had a string of good drafts over the past six years. Even though Dorsey is not the director of player personnel, he is actively involved in pro scouting as well.

Tom Gamble

Gamble has helped build the 49ers as they've enjoyed a breakout season. Gamble was made San Francisco's director of player personnel 10 months ago. He was the director of pro personnel for seven years before the promotion. Free agents like Justin Smith and Takeo Spikes were signed under Gamble's tenure as the head of pro scouting. Gamble is in his 24th NFL season and seventh with the 49ers. He was a college scout with the Colts from 1998 to 2004, and has experience in contract negotiations and in the coaching ranks. Gamble has also worked with the Jets, Panthers, Ravens and Eagles.

Mike Williams

NFL sources said that Williams is very sharp. He is in his second season with the Rams after being in San Francisco for nine years. Williams is the Rams' vice president of player personnel. He started out there as the director of pro personnel in 2009 before being put as Billy Devaney's point person over pro and college scouting.

Les Snead

Snead is in his third season as the director of player personnel for the Atlanta Falcons. Snead played in the NFL after being an All-American tight end for Auburn in 1992-93. He started out as a pro scout for the Jaguars before going to Atlanta. He oversees both the NFL Draft and free agency for Atlanta.

Steve Keim

Keim has steadily risen in the Cardinals organization over the past decade. Keim started as a regional college scout before taking over as the director of college scouting in 2006. Keim helped put together Arizona's Super Bowl team, and in 2008, he was made the director of pro personnel. Keim is the right-hand man of general manager Rod Graves.

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John Dorsey or Eric DeCosta would be the best choices in my opinion.


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Talent evaluation has been an issue for a while.  Contracts like Black and Clayton, FA like Ward and Jones, missed FA like Tulloch and Joseph, and relying on players like Biggers and Lewis to be the future. Going out on a limb, but I think the water boy in GB or Baltimore  might do a better job.

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