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Proof that Sports commentators are among the most ignorant and stupid

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people when it comes to prognosticating winners of football games...

Drum roll....

Dennis Dodd: Final score: LSU 21, Alabama 17.

Tony Barnhart: Final score: LSU 14, Alabama 10.

Brett McMurphy: Final score: LSU 24, Alabama 14.

Bruce Feldman: Final score: Alabama 21, LSU 16

Sporting News
Matt Hayes: LSU 27, Alabama 23

Steve Greenberg: LSU 26, Alabama 10
6 of 7 writers picked LSU

Pete Fiutak: LSU 20-17

ESPN Insider Scout Prediction
Tigers 23, Crimson Tide 17

Yahoo Sports
Pat Forde: LSU 17, Bama 10

Official Yahoo Prediction: Alabama 15-13
Jerry Palm: LSU 13-6

USA Today
Mike Lopresti: LSU 20-17

Any damn fool knows that between to evenly matched teams... "Anyone watch the first game"   knows that rematches completely favor the losing team.

Your logic is extremely flawed. Although this is what I was expecting after reading the title of the thread.

Looks like you spent a lot of time getting all the predictions organized. Next time use that effort towards your job. Maybe you'll get raise!


Did anyone else find the title of this thread hilarious?


--- Quote from: JasonOfthetower on January 10, 2012, 03:31:00 PM ---Did anyone else find the title of this thread hilarious?

--- End quote ---
I confess - the irony first made me smile - and then chuckle. 

My all time favorite kind of post.

sorry for the spelling gaff which is proof again that only those that focus on that are even more ignorant than those mentioned in the post..

I see "mr. Dysfunctional" posted as well!   LOL   


--- Quote from: mrchillwill on January 10, 2012, 03:15:32 PM ---Proot?

--- End quote ---

Proof + Toot = Proot, also known as, the source of an unpleasant odor!


OK oK Shoot the messenger because of a clerical error!    I am impressed.   That doesn't change the fact that all those "talking heads" suck a predicting winners in CFB games ,and doesn't change the point I made why Alabama certainly should have been predicted to win the rematch.


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