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#45 : January 30, 2012, 07:57:50 PM

You must a fan of his.

BTW, don't like it, don't visit the thread.

Representing yourself and your thoughts in such a way that does not immediately make you look like a clown, before even discussing your "point", is more of what I was getting at.

That you'd take the binary track of "like / dislike" is not very thoughtful. lol

It is a new day in TAMPA BAY!    GO BUCS!!


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#46 : January 30, 2012, 11:34:50 PM

Vinny...  I know you think Java's nothing but a troll, but...  Not me.

Jaded...?  Old school...?  $#!t disturber...?  Sure - I'll buy ALL of those, but say what you like - Java knows his Bucs football.

Knotted and twisted in the anal hair of Gruden's pink eye...?   Sure...  but a Bucs fan nonetheless.

I am not sure where you got the impression that one is either a troll or a Bucs fan?  My comments have nothing to do with Java's knowledge or devotion to the Bucs.  My comments relate to his actions, which are often unmistakeably that of a troll.

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#47 : January 31, 2012, 07:07:11 AM

welcome back on the boards, btw- noticed that you hadn't been posting for awhile - thought you must have gotten fed up with it all and left.

Thanks Morg...

The Bucs are NEVER far from my heart, but honestly - I was so bored with the crap product that The Bucs trotted out on the field every week that I actually PLANNED something during the Bucs final game of the year.  First time since the teams inception that I couldn't sell my wife on the idea that a day at RJS would be fun - win, lose, or draw.

That, right there in bold, is the exact reason the Glazer boys were forced to replace the excuse for a HC that was force-fed to us.

Us fans that harken back to the '70's lost interest in the way the kids ran the franchise since XXXVII.

Bryan and Joel know they have to put a competently coached team on the turf, IF they are to have any hope of realizing the profits that Malcom once did.

And...  FWIW...  I will NOT be spending any Bucs bucks until I see this franchise is being run like a professional football team...!
I'd make it fun even if we sucked eggs. :D *WINK WINK*

Beatles - good point. Sometimes we take this football stuff way too seriously.
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