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#15 : March 10, 2012, 11:37:55 PM

trade glassy mccoy to the rams milleer to a 3-4 team and draft poe move back a couple spots to maybe 7 and geter done,

You are the dumbest poster on this forum. You honestly should be banned for your IQ level, spelling, punctuation and the dumb ass proposals you post.

But we do desperately need to add another good DT or two to the rotation with the way that McCoy and Price have been injured. This has definitely been overlooked by many on this board. Roy Miller and Frank Okam are about as bad as it gets in the NFL as far as DT's go. We also need one more DE for the rotation.

What should be banned?...These dumb **CENSORED**ing advertisement accounts...

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#16 : March 11, 2012, 04:02:28 AM

If we adress the linebackers in free agency I think we could get the steal of the draft in the third round in Mike Martin from Michigan. Hes 6'1 and 306 lbs. He benchpressed  225 lbs 36 times and ran a 4.88 40.


Martin has started the past three years inside for Michigan after making a nice impact as a true freshman. He is a tough and durable player who relies on his strength to control blockers and make plays. His strength is what defines him, he lives and dies by it.


Martin has a good feel for offensive lines and block schemes and how to slant inside of lineman to get into the backfield. He is very strong against the run and can neutralize any blocker. He can hold up a block, and then shed to get to the ball. He plays with instincts and is strong.

Martin can struggle in space and is a stout player at the point, but he really doesn't have much production rushing the passer. Once in the backfield, he has a tough time running down the quarterback, and his athletic ability can be exposed in space.

Various sites has him projected in the third but thats only because this DT class is so deep.



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#17 : March 11, 2012, 06:35:16 AM

the blount train I'm cool with that lmao I ve never posted from my imac my ipad or my macbook smh blame me for my droid swype and being a fan lol and taking time out from my busy schedule to correct punctuation or spellingfreeman sucks bottom line mccoys a bumb and youre a waste of sperm but in the end it really doesn't matter

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#18 : March 11, 2012, 08:39:42 AM

Dave Ball from the Titans would be a decent run stuffer to sign in free agency and wouldnt be too costly.
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