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APRIL 18, 2012

Personal issues lead to Dez Briscoe's absence from Bucs' minicamp

Yes, it’s voluntary. And, no, coaches cannot punish players for missing offseason workouts.
With that said, don’t think it’s gone unnoticed that Dezmon Briscoe, for the second consecutive day, did not attend the Bucs’ three-day minicamp.
Publicly, coach Greg Schiano did not rant and rave about Briscoe’s absence, though he did confirm the third-year player was not here.
“The deal is, this is voluntary,” Schiano said. “I had people check to make sure he was okay. I’m not going to call on the phone and say, ‘Where are you?’ It’s voluntary. Our football team’s here.
“There are issues sometimes. I understand that. I don’t spend a lot of time focusing on the guys who aren’t here. I have a whole football team that is here, so I’m spending every ounce of my energy to get them to do the best they can. If someone’s missing, it’s a shame, because it’s hurting the team. But there’s reasons sometimes. Other times, it just happens.”
Which brings us to the reasons Briscoe has been the only player under contract who has failed to attend the week’s workouts.
Internet rumor sites are having a field day with what can best be described as a Twitter war between Briscoe’s current girlfriend, reality TV star Royce Reed, and Briscoe’s ex-girlfriend, Christina Nero, the mother of his son.
Nero and Reed earlier this week engaged numerous back-and-forth posts, with Nero saying she and Briscoe have been involved in a relationship, unbeknownst to Reed. That began a series of colorful insults and accusations between the two.
Reed and Briscoe have been dating since 2011. She is one of the stars of the Vh-1 hit show Basketball Wives.
Briscoe led the Bucs in touchdowns in 2011, scoring six. He finished fifth on the team with 35 receptions.

Posted by Stephen Holder at 6:19:11 pm on April 18, 2012

Royce Reed & Dezmon Briscoe Getting Married, Day After Cheating Allegations Surfaced

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012


It has been an interesting week so far for Basketball Wives star Royce Reed.  It started off with her getting freaky with her boyfriend and that caused the Internet to go nuts (Video: Royce Reed & Bucs WR Dezmon Briscoe Get Frisky on Basketball Wives).
I didn’t think the video was that bad, but Briscoe’s baby mama didn’t take to kindly to it and accused Dezmon of sexting her. Christina Nero, Bucs Dezmon Briscoe’s Baby Mama, Goes After Royce Reed
Kenya Bell decided to speak out on the incident and basically tells everyone to be quiet because Royce and Dezmon are in love and getting married.
Maybe that was suppose to be for a later episode of Basketball Wives or Kenya just said it to take some of the heat off Royce.
Whatever the case maybe, the prudent thing for all parties Royce, Dezmon, The Baby Mama, Kenya and etc is to keep all of this off Twitter and social media in general.
Unless they like the drama.

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