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Adam Yauch, MCA, Beastie Boys has passed away.

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Boid Fink:
RIP MCA.  Loved your stuff man.

Boid Fink:


Apparently this is the reason why he wasn't at the HoF. I hadn't heard anything about it.

I remember hearing it for the first time at summer camp in the 80's,  Fun times,  RIP

Part of the most influential group of my generation. Adam was a freakin pioneer be it rhyming or playing stand up bass.

Heavy heart all day and have been rockin my shirt I got back stage @ st Pete times years back.. Got to watch them play bball while I drank brews and chatted with mix mast mike.

"to all my sisters, and wives, and my friends......I want all the love and respect til the end"

Wife and I "mixed the Bass Ale and the Guiness brew" tonight in remembrance.

RIP Adam


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