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Adam Yauch, MCA, Beastie Boys has passed away.

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--- Quote from: TheAman on December 13, 2012, 02:53:01 PM ---You could make a case that Elvis was more country than rock. 

--- End quote ---

Except that some of his songs were what defined Rock at one point.    If he doesn't belong in the Rock and Roll HOF, nobody does.   

Now this is country.

Chief Joseph:

Hank died in the back of his Caddy shootin' smack and drinkin' Jack. It don't get more rock n' roll than that, bichez!

Let's be honest, based on even the very very early inductions of the Rock and Roll HOF, they defined it as any genre of music that was a spawn of southern Rhythm and Blues.  Beastie Boys are way closer to rock and roll than Aretha Franklin and Donna Summers.  So if you don't like Public Enemy in there, blame Aretha.

I had never gone through a list of the inductees into the rock and roll hall of fame.    I just did now though.   The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke.   I'm thinking about starting my own new Rock and Roll hall of fame and just starting over because they have so much garbage in this one.    I now realize how truly worthless that rock and roll hall of fame is.


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