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FSU to the Big 12? Pros and Cons. other questions.

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--- Quote from: TheAman on November 16, 2012, 06:37:08 PM ---Was thinking about starting a new thread about this, but figured I'd just post here.  ACC may be in trouble.  Maryland is apparently in serious talks with the Big 10.  If those talks are actually serious, it means Maryland thinks that there's instability within the ACC, possibly the Big 12 reaching out to FSU and/or Clemson.  One domino falling could lead to the disintegration of the ACC as a power conference.

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meh, seeya maryland. ive seen rumors that penn state isnt happy in the big 10. id take that trade any day even if penn state is a bunch of creepy child touchers. maryland brings nothing to the table in the acc anymore. they havent been good in football in 60 years and havent been good in basketball for a while either.

Here's the point.  If Maryland is leaving, it's because they are fairly certain other teams are leaving.  They're not leaving a newly stabilized ACC for no reason.  So it's not see-ya Maryland, it's see-ya ACC.

dont know how theyll get the money. its a 50million buyout and maryland is kinda strapped for cash. ACC sucks hot anus anyway and id love to see us get the hell out

A few things about the buyout.  There's a question as to whether it's kicked in now, or if it kicks in later.  Also, there were two schools that didn't vote for the increased buyout: Maryland and FSU.  There's a question whether those two schools are subject to the increased buyout if they go now.  The fact that the talks have gotten as far as it sounds like they have makes me think the buyout isn't an issue, because as you said, Debbie Yow completely **CENSORED**ed over Maryland financially before jumping to NC State.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if the Clemson/FSU to Big 12 talks heat up very soon.


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