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Out of town season ticket holder selling 2 Tickets to most games


I live in Texas now but have had Bucs season tickets in my family since 1982 - I can't seem to give them up. Anyways, I only make it to Tampa for a few games, so I am selling tickets to most of the games. The only game I definitely know I'll be at is the 10/21 game.

The seats are lower level on the shady home side of the stadium on the aisle. Great seats! If you are interested, message me and I provide more exact details on seat location. I also have a parking pass which I sell along with the tickets. Asking face value - $99 each, plus $25 for parking pass. Go Bucs!

Do you have two tickets available for the Eagles game Dec 9,
Paul Van Sickle

Do you have two tickets available for the Eagles game on Dec 9?
Paul Van Sickle

What games do you have?  Do you have season opener with Carolina?  Interested in two.  Thanks.  Diane Collins aka Ladyfan


--- Quote from: JavaRay on August 27, 2012, 06:48:21 AM ---Let me know which games you have.

--- End quote ---

let me know if he buys a set, what game, and what the seat numbers are.  8)

Do you still have bucs vs redskins


The Redskins game is one I will be going to. I'm excited about that one!

I still have tickets for the games against the Chiefs, Chargers, Falcons, and Rams. Anyone interested please get in touch!


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