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LSU kicks Honey Badger off team!

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Boid Fink:


Drug Test Failures.

Hes Janoris Jenkins Pt.2 except better.


--- Quote from: BucsFan4090 on August 10, 2012, 02:03:35 PM ---Hes Janoris Jenkins Pt.2 except better.

--- End quote ---

Better at what?  Jenkins is the far superior CB.  Badger is a quasi-LB.

last year was janoris jenkins.  this year greg reid and honey badgers.  jeez.

and i gotta agree, as a CB jenkins is head and shoulders above the other guys.  but those other guys sure found ways to make plays.

Honey badger is not a NFL caliber talent. He may be a decent nickel corner. But he is not a gamer changer like Jenkins can be.


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