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Thoughts on my PPR 10 team league

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Please tell me what y'all honestly think.  I appreciate any feedback.

QB:  Mathew Stafford
RB:  Ray Rice
RB:  Doug Martin
WR:  Roddy White
WR:  Demaryius Thomas
TE:  Jimmy Graham
DEF:  Seattle
Kicker:  Nate Kaeding
Flex:  Brandon Lloyd

RB:  Benjarvus Ellis-Green
RB:  Ben Tate

WR:  Desean Jackson
WR:  Kenny Britt (I am going to drop and look into a waiver wire RB/TE/QB
WR:  Lance Moore
WR:  Mike Williams (TB)


I think this a fantastic team. Rice will catch tons of passes from Flacco and Martin should do enough to get you some quality points. White and Thomas will both benefit from upgraded passing attacks. You have to love getting Graham in a PPR league. He's a monster and should have a great season. I'm not in love with Seattle's defense but it's not that bad. Keep an eye on Oakland WR Rod Streater on the waiver wire. He's been fantastic in place of Denarius Moore.

Thanks for your response and advise, I appreciate it.  I drafted Seattle in the last round because DEFs went much higher than I was ready to take them and WRs kept falling to me.  I am going to drop Kenny Britt and pick up David Wilson and I am dropping Nate Kaeding and picking up Alex Henery.  What are your thoughts on that?  Thanks, again.

No problem any time,

I think Wilson will surprise some people this season as a rookie. He's very explosive and there has been a lot of buzz about his training camp performance. He's definitely worth a roster spot. If Bradshaw goes down (which is likely) Wilson will get the carries and could potentially take over as the team's full-time running back.

Kaeding is in a kicking competition for San Diego so it's probably a good idea to pick up a kicker that is guaranteed the job.

1Va bucsfan:
Here's mine its a 12 team league I had the 1st overall pick and its a PPR league as well. My players are in the order i drafted them. Line up format  is QB,WR,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,FLEX,K,DEF.

1) Ray Rice
2) Brandon Marshall
3) Hakeem Nicks
4) Doug Martin
5) Reggie Bush
6) Michael Vick
7) Mike Williams
8) Big Ben
9) Philly D
10) Ryan Williams
11) Mike Crabtree
12) Brent Celek
13) Blount
14) Keller
15) New England
16) Alex Henry


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