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Decision time- #2 WR week 1


Bucs Capacitor:
Ok guys, my #1 WR is set- Calvin Johnson.

I'm having difficulty, however, in figuring out who to play as my #2 guy. Here's who I have:

Torrey Smith vs. CIN
Justin Blackmon vs. MIN
Demaryius Thomas vs. PIT

I also have Mike Williams, but he's definitely not getting the start over these three guys.

I'm leaning towards Torrey Smith. Yet Blackmon looks like he can be a beast, AND I'm facing a Jaguars fan this week. Sure would be sweet to beat him with his own receiver, haha. Then there's Demaryius (or Bay-Bay, as we GA Tech fans called him). He's going against Pittsburgh, but his QB is now Peyton freaking Manning.

Who do I choose?

Would help to know your league's scoring.

At any rate, this is a tough decision. I'd go with Torrey Smith. The other two are interesting, but it's difficult to make the call before we see them in action. Blackmon is a rookie and the Jags have a new coach, but he could become the Roddy White of the Jags and see oodles of targets. New QB for Thomas, and the Broncos will probably be passing a ton against the Steelers, so he has a chance to have a very nice game as well.

Good luck with that decision.

You could go any way with this decision, but I would probably go with Thomas. He succeeded against the Steelers last year and now he has Peyton Manning throwing him the ball. I think he's the safest of the three options. Torrey Smith would be my second option, but he's a riskier play.

Bucs Capacitor:
Thanks guys.  If it helps at all, scoring is 10 yds = 1pt, TD = 6pts, every five receptions = 3pts.

Thomas or Smith, Thomas or Smith. Hmmm....

Perhaps seeing my entire lineup will help too. There is a flex position available, but I feel like I'm pretty deep at RB to use that spot for a WR:

I'm going to take a different angle for Thomas.
No Ryan Clark for Pittsburgh week 1 plus their D has been banged up on and off.

I like Thomas best given your choices.


Bucs Capacitor:
Thanks guys!  I went with Thomas based on your advice. Paid off big time...23 points!


--- Quote from: Bucs Capacitor on September 10, 2012, 08:44:45 PM ---Thanks guys!  I went with Thomas based on your advice. Paid off big time...23 points!

--- End quote ---

Love it when a plan comes together. 


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