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I know I know, but has anyone ever been in an 8 team league?


I'm in an 8 team league and was wondering if anyone has played in one before?  If you have, do you find it not as necessary to draft a backup QB or TE because the dropoff in production does not justify it as you can pick one up on the waiver wire?

Thought a 10 team league was weak.. 8 teams is just not enough. Everyone is going to have a good team.

The problem in an 8 team league is that everyone has a super stud team unless you roll out a ton of players each week. I

You want the backup QB because your backup will be a Roth/Romo level guy in a lot of leagues. That gives you a lot of matchup flexibility.

TE is a spot where the drop off gets pretty epic so I tend to not have another guy sitting on the pine.


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