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Fan Confidence in Josh Freeman appears to be at an all time low

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We held our fantasy draft the other day.  Every person in that league lives in Tampa now or did in the past and views the Bucs as their favorite team.   Josh Freeman went undrafted.   He was drafted in 2009, 2010, and 2011, but this year - not.   And this year the Bucs have more offensive weapons than they have had any of those years.    Sure it's a small sampling, but in my opinion, that speaks volumes about what the fans think of Freeman these days.    The confidence level in him is very low.   If he stinks it up opening day, look for some serious backlash against Freeman from the fans.

Did anyone draft tebow?


--- Quote from: baybuc35 on September 02, 2012, 12:50:13 AM ---Did anyone draft tebow?

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Are you saying Freeman is less desirable than a current backup QB?   

Nope I was asking of anyone drafting tebow
So did anyone?

Keep in mind, these are Buc fans who take players simply because they are Bucs.    If Tebow was the Bucs starting QB, I guarantee 100% that he would have been drafted.   Josh Freeman is the starting Bucs QB, and he was not drafted.   That is a real indicator that Tampa fans have no faith in Freeman.     Every starting skill player for the Bucs was picked except for Freeman.


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