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Who gets the better deal?

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Arian Foster
Percy Harvin


Wes Welker
Adrian Peterson

Tough call, Welker over Harvin is easy but Foster is better than Peterson - Foster when right is about 2000 yards and Peterson is closer to 1600 - and they both get TD's. They're both injured, both have good backups who can share the load. I think it is close to a wash but I like the consistency of Welker (especially if you have a point per recpetion league) week in and week out so a slight edge to the Welker/Peterson unit.

Agree I declined it.

Heres my team

QB Brees
WR Jennings
WR Welker
WR Garcon
RB Peterson
RB Jackson (buffalo)
WR/RB Martin (TB)
TE Bennett (NYG)
Def 49ers
K Prater

Not bad. I was thinking of accepting it but it leaves me with a hole at WR I think. Plus I think my rbs have big potential. Jackson was leading the league last year before he got hurt. I think its always risky to take injured players but these guys were bargains. 

Would have took Foster/Percy in a heartbeat. Lloyd is going to take away some of Welkers grabs, Peterson is coming back from a ACL, no RB has had a great year following a ACL.

I would have held onto Foster and Harvin. AP is a headache that I don't want on my teams. Welker might be declining soon as well.


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