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Who gets the better deal?


Arian Foster
Percy Harvin


Wes Welker
Adrian Peterson

Tough call, Welker over Harvin is easy but Foster is better than Peterson - Foster when right is about 2000 yards and Peterson is closer to 1600 - and they both get TD's. They're both injured, both have good backups who can share the load. I think it is close to a wash but I like the consistency of Welker (especially if you have a point per recpetion league) week in and week out so a slight edge to the Welker/Peterson unit.

Agree I declined it.

Heres my team

QB Brees
WR Jennings
WR Welker
WR Garcon
RB Peterson
RB Jackson (buffalo)
WR/RB Martin (TB)
TE Bennett (NYG)
Def 49ers
K Prater

Not bad. I was thinking of accepting it but it leaves me with a hole at WR I think. Plus I think my rbs have big potential. Jackson was leading the league last year before he got hurt. I think its always risky to take injured players but these guys were bargains. 

Would have took Foster/Percy in a heartbeat. Lloyd is going to take away some of Welkers grabs, Peterson is coming back from a ACL, no RB has had a great year following a ACL.

I would have held onto Foster and Harvin. AP is a headache that I don't want on my teams. Welker might be declining soon as well.


--- Quote from: BucBalla85 on September 07, 2012, 03:42:39 PM ---I think its always risky to take injured players but these guys were bargains.

--- End quote ---

I did the same thing with Vick, Gore and DMC.
If these three last the season, provided Mike Vick stops looking like Marcus Vick, I'll finish top 3.
If these three get hurt, I'll be turning my focus to Fantasy Basketball early on.


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