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any gamblers in here?  i try not to, but i still love it.  dont think im gonna lay any money this week, but i do like

ohio st -18 (past kickoff)
bama -38

and the homer in me likes UF -1

Best handicappers out there are RAS Sports. They are RA**CENSORED**ks on Twitter.

Subscription is close to $1000 for first 8 weeks of picks. They don't pick for the rest of the season. Obviously, that's too rich for most people, including me. But still thought you would find it interesting.

They are so good that once they put their pick out, within 15 seconds to a minute, most books, including off shore, will adjust
their line in response. Very tough to get their lines but people do. They offer a money back guarantee if you can't get the lines
and thus, find their service useless.

Their track record...

Mr. Censor won't let me type their Twitter handle but it's on their website. They give out some free picks from time to time.

Where's McIrish?   He's the expert.


RAS Picks for this week but the lines have already moved. Last week, it didn't matter if you got the line or not. Still did well.

1-3...not sure ill be activating the sportsbook acct this year!


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