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--- Quote from: JavaBuc on October 23, 2006, 07:09:48 PM ---Gradkowski has never won an away game.   That's not going to be an easy task winning up there.

--- End quote ---

you can't exactly call it a trend.  he's 0 for 1, with the difference being a reggie bush punt return

Wow is all i can say about to days game, happy we got the win now its on to NY. to win we need to get more out of the QB position and we will need more points for sure. I don't know much about the Giants D and what their weakness is but i do know that they have a pretty good pass rush, I hope we can pound the rock and exploit whatever their weakness is, does anybody know?

Strahan's no Simeon Rice...

But seriously, Eli's barely ahead of Bruce in his growth, so their passing game against us could be bad.  Tiki scares me though.

yeah they do have a power running game, but what about the Giants D, like the LB'S and DB's and its a windy stadium

One advantage for us is we are catching them on a short week. I believe there DB's are their weakest area. So, we might have to pass more to set up the run in this game. On offense, they like to throw it up for grabs to Burress and that concerns me with our smaller DB's.


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